Dems continue to struggle with God

by NW Spotlight

President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on this day 150 years ago, on November 19, 1863. As a part of a project to mark the 150th anniversary, filmmaker Ken Burns recorded President Obama reading the Gettysburg Address and uploaded the video to Youtube.

Conservative internet news aggregator Weasel Zippers noticed that President Obama left out the words “under God” from the address.

So President Obama, who was sworn in with President Lincoln’s Bible, decided to drop God from President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

This is the same President Obama who intervened directly to add God back into the Democratic Party platform last year, when Democrats voted to remove God.

President Obama didn’t even substitute “God” for “Love” – like Oregon state Rep. Carolyn Tomei did earlier this year with the Pledge of Allegiance. President Obama just dropped God altogether from President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

UPDATE [from]: “A text box now appears on the Ken Burns website which states: ‘Did you know there are five versions of the Gettysburg Address? We asked President Obama to read the first, the Nicolay Version.’  A cached version of the same webpage from several days ago shows no such reference.”

  • Selah

    “If God does not live – nothing matters. If God does live, nothing else matters.”

    Think about that over and over again, all clueless pc DEMographers.

    • Omen

      Know doubt, redundant down-voting emanates from secular lemmings fallowing behind in the pathos of Jeremiah Wright and other demigods.

  • HBguy

    So your update makes this a non story it seems.

    • lulzpdx

      Admire their ability to not let facts get in the way.

  • Ballistic45

    The State IS God to Liberals, and they will have no other God before it…

    • lulzpdx

      Like conservatives and money?

      • Ballistic45

        You better look into who Liberals garner their war chest from.. Could be you will find more comes from Big Business and Wall Street, the very people they pay off in tax payer bailouts… Then turn around and vilify these very same groups when speaking to their Entitlement crowd.. And you will never find a Political Party that enjoys more in the spending of other peoples money… “The State has to survive over the needs of the people” is plain to see in the Liberal mind…

        TRUE Conservatives by nature are against BIG GOVERNMENT and for keeping ones money in the pockets of those who EARNED IT….

        • lulzpdx

          TRUE conservatives? there are different types of conservatives but only 1 type of liberal? got it. ur funny.

          • common tater

            “T’aint funny McGee!”

          • Ballistic45

            Basically Yeah, All Liberals want to spend others monies, the difference is to what degree.. There is a world of difference between True Constitutional Conservatives and RINO’s… Democrats and RINO’s have both been using the Constitution for A$$ wipe for decades, using it when it suits their purpose and circumventing it when it does not… Are their good Liberals, of course, the ones who do not $HIT on the Constitution in order to get to their goals… You can tell that TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES scare the Crap out of both Democrats and RINO’s for they join together in vilifying them as RIGHT WING EXTREMIST…. Sense when is being guided by the Constitution being extremist? Yeah there is a difference, the Democratic Party is not the same at all as when I was a Democrat and Liberal… And todays Republican Party is being led by RINO’s turning the party into a “Paper Tiger” to give True Constitutional Conservatives the illusion of being represented on Capital Hill.. RINO’s and Democrats both block the influences of these Constitutional Conservatives at every opportunity, vilifying them as they do… If you can’t see the difference then you are part of the problem.. Nuff said….

          • lulzpdx

            nuttin wrong with following the constitution. like the bible, however, everyone has a different idea of what it means.
            but I gotcha, u know the truth and everyone who disagrees with you deserves to be called names. a shame some of ur good points are wrapped up in ignorance. detracts from them.

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