Obama secretly working to make iPhone unlocking illegal?


by NW Spotlight

It appears that the same people who brought us this health care fiasco are now trying to mess with people’s phones.

The blog Cult of Mac is reporting that only six months after the Obama Administration went on record saying that cell phone unlocking should be legalized, “it appears that [they have] secretly been working against it.”

The government isn’t satisfied regulating your toilet and light bulbs, now they’re after your iPhone!

CultofMac does give the Obama Administration the benefit of the doubt, saying that “Washington has a dim understanding of how technology works at the best of times (look at the HealthCare.gov debacle),” and because of that they may not be aware they are acting inconsistently.

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  • DavidAppell

    Finally a post that makes sense! A huge amount of rights have been lost by international agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, many of them in the environmental arena.
    Does this mean OC is just as concerned about them, or only when they threaten their phone toys?

    • .

      You seem ONErous of a kind, Appell.

      • ardbeg

        Do just sit around spankin it til DA posts something so you can go all blah blah blah. PATHETIC LOOSER 🙂

        • .

          Awoh n bile yer heid, fore ye kin Appell to be a bampot.

          • ardbeg

            Away n’ bile yir head ya stumur, dont be sae stupit!

          • .

            Bawls said ardbeg, if I had two I have 2×0 the marbles I have now.

          • ardbeg

            You have small man syndrome,,,,,Ádh mór ort! with dat. D bag

          • Dirk blade

            Toaster reeks of a bloated bag of haggis soaked in a ten year old ardbeg.

          • ardbeg

            wtfay? and why are you speaking to me?

          • .

            Awe sheep, you keep asking for some to wool about in the hay with.

      • .

        Like a trunk monkey bunky, an Obama uncle – Eyeore that a complete jackass.

  • ardbeg

    iPhone = Eye Phone = Illuminati Phone. Siri spelled backwards is Iris,
    thats a part of the Eye. Apple is Illuminati. They’re watching you.

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