Merkley’s answer to Obamacare woes: blame!

Merkley, Jeff-020609-18427- 0008

by NW Spotlight

First Sen. Jeff Merkley voted for Obamacare without understanding the ramifications – something he now admits.

This is the same Sen. Merkley who STILL has this on his web site: “If you like your current health insurance, you will be able to keep it.”

Then, last Friday Sen. Merkley was asked on MSNBC to explain Oregon’s health exchange problems. (The Associated Press reported that Oregon has yet to enroll a single person through its exchange.)

Merkley blamed the vendor, Oracle.

Seriously? Can’t any Democrats take ownership and accountability for anything?

Even assuming the vendor didn’t do what they said they’d do, who at the State of Oregon selected the vendor? Who decided to use a vendor instead of using public employees so there could be un-muddied accountability as well as an opportunity to showcase what government can accomplish? Who was supposed to be managing the vendor? Who signed the “poorly written contract” with Oracle?

Who decided to build a complex new system instead of licensing software designed for that purpose – for a fraction of the cost?

It seems unlikely that Sen. Merkley is going to fix the very real problems Oregonians are having by blaming, and it’s just as unlikely that he’s going to be able to distance himself from his hyper-partisan vote for Obamacare in time for next year’s election.

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