2 out of the 3 responsible for Cover Oregon mess are gone


by NW Spotlight

Heads have been rolling for the Cover Oregon disaster. Carolyn Lawson “resigned” in late December – a year after Gov. Kitzhaber was advised to fire her for lying to a legislative committee and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars.

Rocky King submitted his resignation last week.

That just leaves John Kitzhaber.

Cover Oregon 1-2-3 photo


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  • guest

    Yet the greatest PERSnatcher of all remains: Randolphaber the red ‘noised’ swaindeer to Cylvia who attunes to the blues so off key, the McLoughlin auto group is seeking her for their next casting couch infraction.

    • g

      couch, er crotch…whence the dotty gov starts to miss firmer affections with his former rose of, Sharon, who is real.

      • guest.

        Buenos notz gunez, amigo!

  • Jack Lord God

    Anyone ever ask why some of these people aren’t in jail? How is it someone with the clear incompetence of Rocky King be hired in the first place?

    George Orwell predicted a world in which constant warfare was used in order to drain off the produce of huiman labor so as to keep the populous from ever realizing true wealth and thus independence from government masters.

    It is the same principle at work here. Rocky King was hired not to perform a job, or even produce results. Just like the Cover Oregon website he mismanaged and indeed Obamacare itself – the primary purpose here is to waste the wealth of the populous.

    Were programs not in place specifically for this purpose, to waste the wealth of society, government would need much less tax money. People would be wealthy and thus use for and dependance upon government would be greatly diminished.

    Look at our most expensive war to date – the War on Poverty.

    Trillions of dollars spent, decades in the making, and the poverty rate remains unchanged.

    Don’t like that? Then look at education. absolutely nobody would argue education is better now than in the 60’s or 70’s, yet we spend vastly more per pupil. We regularly spend more than most countries on the planet, yet we get less. Our schools are a joke.


    The reason is these institutions are there for one thing, to waste money. That is their purpose, so you are dependent.

    Don’t believe me? We could solve the school program overnight. Private schools are vastly cheaper on average, with far better results than public schools. But that doesn’t waste money and even worse gives people control. They don’t need government, and that will not do.

    How about privatizing social security? Every country that does it has incredible results. The down side is that gives people control over their own money, and that wont do either. Instead we maintain a system with a guaranteed negative return mostly because of its own inertia.In half a century or so, people have been totally cowed into the belief Social Security is worthwhile despite every single metric showing it to be a total rip off.

    In short – The Rocky Kings, the programs they run are all stunning examples of Orwells prediction come true.

    The wealth of the populous must be squandered else they realize the inherent uselessness of much of what their rulers do.

    • DavidAppell

      Rupert Huse of Rupert Huse & Son (www.huse.com) of Springfield, Oregon wrote:
      Anyone ever ask why some of these people aren’t in jail?

      Well, for starters, they aren’t selling kinky, perverted sex toys, are they?

      I.e. you have no position on which to lecture anyone.

      • Jack Lord God

        David Appell, the creepy liberal prude speaks!

      • .

        Appell, you’re out of order but not the stinking odor you constantly pervade on OC. You say you’ll have nothing to do with BlueOregon, yet that staid, methinks you ought rank your file over to LimburgerCheeseyWiz.gov. and rind them up with your Dem aroma. .

        • DavidAppell

          I’m here to keep you all honest. Deal with it.

          • .

            Appell, your underhanded DEMealings aren’t worth the ante of a wooden nickel.

          • Jack Lord God

            The sexual prudishness combined with the stalking behavior is bad enough David. Thinking that kind of behavior makes you some kind of arbiter of truth is pathological.

            You are truly a creepy guy David.

          • .

            By Gollum, you;e right on JLG! . .

            Gollum.jpg(JPEG Image,120 X111 pixels)

      • .

        Appell’s cede: Being an anal BenWa ball-adeer singing a song sung blue. Everybody knows one…or at least be wary of. .

        • DavidAppell

          Getting smutty now, are we? You’re not Rupert Huse by any chance?

          • .

            Appell, you’re a prime-evil Knievel example if Xaviera Hollander was looking some dung to share lunch with.

          • DavidAppell

            Your aged obsessions have been revealed.

          • .

            Your Portnoy toy is calling you, go answer the tome.

  • DavidAppell

    in my experience, project managers on huge projects burn out pretty quickly. I don’t see any reason why this one should be different.

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