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Timeless sales principles from someone who’s been there. In Sales 101: Principles in Action, author and sales veteran Jerry Dawson illustrates the keys to success in the sales world. Founded on the author’s career as a sales professional, Sales 101 shares with its readers wisdom from the field that not only covers tips for success and dealing with clients but also landing the job, negotiating sales commissions, and management advice.


By Jack S. (Oregon, USA)

It is usually true that what we “find” in any experience is partly determined by what we were “looking for”. If you’re looking for practical, realistic,
informed guidance about how to succeed in sales, you will definitely find it in Jerry Dawson’s little book, “Sales 101: Principles in Action”.

If you learn best, not by plowing through arid textbooks stuffed with disembodied concepts and parched tables and graphs, but by observing living principles expressed in action by someone who has come to understand them by embracing them himself, you will find that in Dawson’s little book, too.

If you are looking for insight into successful living by searching out the principles that underlie true success in anything, you will find that in
Dawson’s little book as well. You will also find that some “little” books carry surprising weight.

The fascinating, encouraging anecdotes in this book will leave the reader suspecting that he has learned much about the world of sales, but even more about the experience called success.

This book can help you find a job, succeed at that job, and perform better at your current job. Please visit www.principlesofsales.com for more information, additional reviews, or to purchase the book.