Lars Larson: Unions weren’t truthful with Clackamas teachers

I should think the least you could expect is that your Unions would tell you the truth. We’ve seen another example of why you should never trust Unions.

The Unions for the North Clackamas School District teachers took a poll back in May. They told their Union they would be willing to accept some pay freezes, even pay reductions, and furlough days in order to keep people on the job.

What I’m hearing from some of the membership is that the Union went to the School District and said they weren’t going to accept any kind of freeze. Now, unfortunately, the North Clackamas Schools have decided to cut another 60 teachers and even though there would have been some additional money for teachers, the School District was left with no choice but to fire them.

Now the membership is angry because they say they were never offered the choice. Their Union bosses made that choice for them.

You don’t trust the Unions. If you hire them as representative and they don’t represent you accurately, you should fire them. It’s a tough thing to do, but well worth the effort.

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