KATU bombshell: Cover Oregon allegations taken to FBI

Rep Patrick Sheehan_thb

by NW Spotlight

KATU’s continuing investigation into the Cover Oregon disaster has uncovered a potentially much more serious problem – something former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan says “if it’s true, someone’s going to prison.”

KATU reports “Sheehan, who spent two years on the state legislature’s joint IT oversight committee, said somebody approached him in December with a disturbing allegation. Sheehan said ‘It was communicated to me that something – one of these gate reviews having to do with a benchmark for federal funding – that the State of Oregon was not being truthful. That was the allegation that was made and that was serious enough that I had to go to talk to the FBI.” Sheehan said he took his concerns to the FBI in December, and that he’s talked to investigators several times since.”

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