Rob Libke Scholarship Act: House Floor Vote Thursday

Rep Bill Kennemer

Rep. Bill Kenmemer (R-Canby)

Salem, OR–A bill to add reserve police officers and sheriff’s deputies and volunteer firefighters to the Oregon Student Access Commission’s scholarship grant program is scheduled for a vote in the Oregon House of Representatives Thursday morning.

The bill, HB 4120, is being called the Rob Libke Scholarship Act. It is named after Rob Libke, who was killed in action last November while serving as a reserve officer with the Oregon City Police Department. HB 4120 was drafted at the request of his widow, Wendy Libke.

Rep. Bill Kenmemer (R-Canby) and Rep. Brent Barton (D-Oregon City) are chief sponsors of the bill, which is being co-sponsored by more than 70 members of the Oregon House and Senate from both political parties.

“This very basic bill will ensure that the children of our brave reserve officers and sheriff’s deputies and volunteer firefighters will be assured of a college education despite the loss of a parent in a tragic death,” Rep. Kennemer said.

Reserves and volunteers are currently excluded from OSAC’s deceased or disabled public safety officer grant program. HB 4120 would change that by amending existing state statutes.

Supporters of HB 4120 include the Association of Oregon Counties, League of Oregon Cities, Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, Oregon Association of Reserve Peace Officers, Oregon Concerns of Police Survivors, Oregon Council of Police Associations, Oregon Fire Chiefs Association, Oregon Fire District Directors Association, Oregon Peace Officers Association, Oregon State Sheriffs Association, Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association and Portland Police Chief Michael Reese.

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Rep. Bill Kennemer has represented Oregon House District 39 since 2009. Prior to that, he served on the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners and in the Oregon Senate.