House Dems block vote on comprehensive PERS reform


Oregon House Republicans

SALEM, OR – On a party-line vote this week, House Democrats blocked an attempt to allow the Oregon House to vote on HB 3484, a comprehensive PERS reform measure introduced on behalf of the Oregon School Boards Association. House Republicans attempted to bring the measure to the House Floor because Democrats have not allowed its consideration. The measure has broad support among groups like Stand for Children, Association of Oregon Counties, Oregon Business Association, and Associated Oregon Industries.

“Unlike the Democrats legislation, this bill provides substantial PERS reform and enjoys broad, non-partisan support,” said Rep. Mark Johnson (R – Hood River) who moved to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. In addition to being a State Representative, Rep. Johnson is a member of the Hood River School Board. “We’ve heard from school districts across Oregon asking us to support the measures needed to reform PERS and save them money needed to restore teaching positions, reduce class sizes, and provide our kids with the education they deserve. This measure does that.”

This comprehensive PERS reform would place limits on Cost of Living Adjustments, end the practice of salary spiking, eliminate the tax break for out of state retirees, end the 6 percent pick-up, and remove legislators from PERS. The measure would save an estimated $2 billion and fix PERS.

The vote was rejected on a party-line with Republicans voting in favor and Democrats voting against the motion.