Jason Conger on Obamacare: It’s a failure, repeal it

Rep. Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

Last week, the non-partisan CBO released projections that predict up to 2.5 million people may stop working due to the effects of Obamacare, and this administration continues to issue delay after delay instead of facing reality.

Over 140,000 Oregonians have already had their plans cancelled due to Obamacare and are left out in the cold by Cover Oregon’s failures.

While my primary opponent, Monica Wehby, clearly believes Obamacare is salvageable and has said that she will not vote to repeal it, I believe Obamacare is hurting Oregonians and cannot be fixed with patchwork solutions. It is time to admit that this has been a complete failure, repeal it entirely, and replace it with a solution that actually works.

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  • Bob Clark

    The CBO report probably actually underestimates the job loss caused by ObamaCare, because it is encouraging doctor practices to be closed because of the costly burden of its huge addition to federal regulatory document filing requirements.

    • DavidAppell

      These are not “job losses” — they are people deciding to work less, or not work at all. The jobs are still there.

      • .

        David Appell, posing a re-creational accountant.
        Forging left wing tally sheets into balance,
        Sans any consideration as to,
        Straight up and down, observable valance.

  • Sally

    Obamacare is a good thing. Without it I could not have quit my job to focus on my passion of becoming an artist. How can I devote enough time to my craft while working at Starbucks almost every day? Now, even though I am not working, I get health care for free as well as food stamps and unemployment insurance. By the time any of these things run out I,will be a much better painter and my art will support me. My painting instructor ( I pay her with food I get for free) says I am one of her best pupils.
    Enough said. Look for me in the galleries in a couple years or so. I am finally happy and finally complete as a human being as I am now living my dream.
    And remember, Oregon loves dreamers!!!!!

    • .

      Not to be overlooked, Sally Froth, your writing skills rival those of David Appell now accepting bids for a Nobel Prize nomination because ‘anythink’ Barack can do or garner, he certainly ‘noises’ better.

      • LulzPdx

        Do you truly feel that you are in a position to criticize other people’s writing skills?
        Of course, God notes your hubris, and He weeps at your unwillingness to return His love and do His bidding.

        • .

          Are you His AG? Perhaps you ought get a Holder on yourself before ‘fast and furiously’ embarrassing yourself further.

    • DavidAppell

      So go ahead and quit. Become an artist — if you can. If you have the talent for it, and the determination, and can handle the risk.

      PS: Many part-times at Starbucks receive benefits.

  • DavidAppell

    Mr Conger’s statement is devastatingly short on specifics.

    • .

      Under Mr. Appell’s tree lies buried Shorty Herve’ Villechaize, ‘devastated’ by being unable to comprehend Ze Plane, Ze Plane 11,588, 500 word text attending Obamacare!

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