Executive Club Speaker – Senate Candidate Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger_thbU.S. Senate Candidate — Representative Jason Conger
Wed. Jan 8th
Portland Airport Shilo Inn
11707 Northeast Airport Way
Bring a friend! ~~ $20 buffet option ~~ no host bar

DC has just been plain nuts, hasn’t it? Binge spending in Congress is so high it makes drunken sailors blush.In one day — December 31st — DC spent $1,088… per household! And then there’s ObamaCare,a perfect oxymoron of government economic success. How do we fix that? By sending SOBER people to Washington. Wednesday night we’ll hear from a man who wants to represent Oregon in the US Senate. Jason Conger is a two-term Republican state representative from Bend,so we can look at his record.  (Jason Conger website)

Speaking of Conger’s record, in addition to voting for tax relief and other good votes, The Executive Club has several tough & transparent questions ready for Conger to address…

Why did you vote with the Democrats for the CRC, the light-rail-constrained bridge that promised astronomical costs coupled with high tolls for working people… but no traffic capacity gains?

Why did you vote with the Democrats for the Portland Convention Center Hotel, putting the state into competition with private enterprise.

Why did you vote with the Democrats to fund the Obamacare Exchanges, creating the politically embarrassing CoverOregon,and furthering the state’s intrusion into health care.

Rep. Conger has asked for an opportunity to explain why he voted the way he did.

Come listen to him defend his record and make his case to be US Senator Jason Conger.

Join us for an informative evening, January 8th!

– Francis Martinez, Oregon Executive Club