Dr. Monica Wehby on Employer Mandate Extension

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Dr. Monica Wehby for U. S. Senate

Portland, Oregon: Following the announcement that the Obama administration has made yet another extension to the employer mandate, Dr. Monica Wehby issued the below statement. Dr. Wehby is the only candidate in this race to have put forward a conservative, market-based approach to overhaul Obamacare.

Statement From Dr. Monica Wehby:

“Today the Obama Administration announced the latest Band-Aid to their failed partisan health care plan, this time in the form of yet another extension of the small business mandate. Obamacare doesn’t need another Band-Aid, it needs a complete overhaul. I am the only candidate in this race to have put forward a market based, conservative, and patient centered approach that gets our health care system back on track.   It’s time for Jeff Merkley to stop hiding from the issue, come back to the drawing board, and work with Republicans in the Senate on overhauling this broken system.

I’ve been opposing this law since 2009 when I appeared in television commercials warning people about the dangers of this top-down regulatory approach. While others were voting for Obamacare and Cover Oregon when it was the popular thing to do, I put my reputation on the line to warn people about the deficiencies of these bills. That’s the problem with career politicians.  They vote on laws they don’t understand and then we have to suffer the consequences. As a neurosurgeon you have to get things right the first time. It’s time that we sent someone to the United States Senate who actually reads and understands the laws they vote for.”