Jason Conger on Rep. Walden’s call for Cover Oregon investigation

Rep. Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

Rep. Jason Conger issued the following statement in response to Congressman Greg Walden’s request for the Government Accountability Office to investigate Cover Oregon:

“I want to thank Congressman Walden for his leadership on this issue. It is important for the federal government to take an interest in what went wrong with Cover Oregon and demand accountability for the $200 million in federal funds already spent. Sadly, Jeff Merkley has been silent and even contributed to the problem with his unquestioning support for Obamacare even all its failings. Oregonians expect leadership from their elected officials and after 5 years in office it is clear that Merkley is simply not there for us. It is time for a change – for someone who will fight for all Oregonians, not another politician who is beholden to Washington DC special interests.

As a member of the Oregon House Health Care Committee, I am working to lift the veil on Cover Oregon. The public deserves to know how their money was spent and why the promises made by Cover Oregon executives were not met. Openness and honesty are necessary to restore the public trust in their state government and hold those responsible accountable for their role in the failure of Cover Oregon.”