Jason Conger on Rep. Walden’s call for Cover Oregon investigation

Rep. Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

Rep. Jason Conger issued the following statement in response to Congressman Greg Walden’s request for the Government Accountability Office to investigate Cover Oregon:

“I want to thank Congressman Walden for his leadership on this issue. It is important for the federal government to take an interest in what went wrong with Cover Oregon and demand accountability for the $200 million in federal funds already spent. Sadly, Jeff Merkley has been silent and even contributed to the problem with his unquestioning support for Obamacare even all its failings. Oregonians expect leadership from their elected officials and after 5 years in office it is clear that Merkley is simply not there for us. It is time for a change – for someone who will fight for all Oregonians, not another politician who is beholden to Washington DC special interests.

As a member of the Oregon House Health Care Committee, I am working to lift the veil on Cover Oregon. The public deserves to know how their money was spent and why the promises made by Cover Oregon executives were not met. Openness and honesty are necessary to restore the public trust in their state government and hold those responsible accountable for their role in the failure of Cover Oregon.”

  • MiHarp

    Rep. Jason Conger will get this done!! He’s the candidate to support for U.S. Senate! Rep. Conger, Oregon is behind you!!

  • Tamara Trask

    Appreciate you so much for this Rep. Conger!

  • oregongrown

    I already sent an email to both Rep Walden and Rep Richardson thanking them for actually working for Oregonians. Kitzhauber has brushed off the Cover Oregon debacle calling it “a few technology issues.” Wrong. It is massive waste, and I find it astonishing that the head guy would ever brush us off with a statement like that. I have no doubt that an INDEPENDENT investigation will show colossal incompetence and a complete disconnect from the man who should be in charge, Kitzhauber. And I can’t believe that he would ever be voted in for a fourth term. But I couldn’t believe that he was voted in the third time.

    I heard from a very reliable source that just one person, who was hired and is STILL getting a six-figure income, was told to be quiet when this person wanted to warn those in charge that the website would not work, indeed would never work, the way they were mapping it. No one listened. Then this person was told to go home, and would continue to get paid the six-figure income, but could not talk to anyone about what really went on at Cover Oregon. That’s the kind of stuff we need to have investigated. The people need to be questioned under oath.

    I will be voting for Rep Conger to replace Merkley. I already have decided to vote for Rep Dennis Richardson for governor. We would be lucky to have both representing us.

  • oregongrown

    I have written to both Rep Walden and Rep Richardson thanking them for taking action to investigate the debacle that is Cover Oregon. Kitzhauber is brushing it off as ” a few technology issues.” TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS AND COUNTING is not a few technology issues, it is massive waste, incompetence and probably fraud. How could it get so out of control? How is Kitz was so asleep at the wheel for so long?

    We deserve an INDEPENDENT investigation, not the joke of investigation Kitz will control where he will get a private report, and we will get a public report, no doubt showing he is a great guy. We are sick of the incompetents that run Oregon.

    I will be voting for Rep Conger to replace Merkley and Rep Richardson to be our next governor. We would be lucky to get both of the them representing us.

    • .

      So-o-o, how about Dr. Monica Wehbe for SOS provided RINO Conger makes it past the primary selection?
      IMO, she’s a far better option than the incumbent Kitzhaber Brown-noise, too, the House shrieker Kotek-Aburra chortling in Dem nearby auld gum trees.

  • Informed Bendite

    Let us hope that the veil of secrecy is lifted and those that covered up and/or profited illegally are brought to justice. If we don’t hold the people in charge of this debacle accountable, then this will look like a political stunt.

  • jdmac4

    Thank you Jason! This is why we need real conservatives like Jason Conger in the Senate in 2014

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