Lars Larson: Labor Day and Unions

Labor Day 2009 leaves us in an interesting position. We’ve got an Administration in office right now that seem antithetical to the rights of workers.

I say that, even knowing the Obama Administration thinks of itself as a champion of workers. They like that employee Free Choice Act””the one that makes it easier for a Union to force you to be represented by the Union. That’s great news for the Union bosses but bad news for you the worker.

The fact is, over the last thirty years or so, Unions have fallen apart. Outside of the government sector where there are about 15% – 17% representation, Unions are only about 8% of the workforce. That means 92% of Americans have chosen not to be in Labor Unions.

I used to have to be in a Labor Union. I hated it the whole time. I thought I was paying for nothing. In fact, the Union did things that were antithetical to my career. I was glad to finally get out and so, apparently, are a lot of other Americans.

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