Oregon U.S. Senate candidate: From homeless to Harvard and beyond

Rep. Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

State Rep. Jason Conger Shares His Story in Compelling Web Video

Portland, Oregon – With a remarkable life story, State Representative Jason Conger of Oregon, currently running for the Unites States Senate, has released a new video detailing just how far the conservative candidate has come. Starting with his early days living in a trailer park, the video details how a once homeless young teenager found his way to Harvard Law and to the halls of the Oregon state legislature.

The New Video chronicles the struggles Conger who, at 16, working as many as four jobs at one time, still managed to find time to take classes at the local community college. After taking his LSAT, His wife Amy found their house swamped with letters and calls beckoning Conger to join one prestigious institution after another. He chose Harvard Law and in a sudden turn, found himself a successful lawyer, prosperous with a family of five beautiful children. It was at 42 that Conger was elected to the House of Representatives of Oregon in 2010.  With his struggles, Conger brought unique perspective to his work in the legislature.

His work in Oregon has been one of conservative leadership, making tough calls he has found bipartisan support for many causes. He championed tax relief for the middle class, reformed the public employee pension system, earned a grade A from the NRA and remains a strong advocate for the sanctity of life.

Conger has now set his sights on the United States Senate. He hopes to take on one-term incumbent Senator Jeff Merkley in the general election, and is one of the two frontrunners in the race for the Republican nomination. Conger has been endorsed by multiple legislators and policymakers to unseat the incumbent.  On the list are State Senator Bill Hansell as well as Representative Cliff Bentz and Representative Bob Jenson.  In the surrounding districts, Conger also earned endorsements from State Senator Doug Whitsett, State Senator Tim Knopp, Representative Gene Whisnant, and Republican House Minority Leader Mike McLane.

“We must remember, it is not about where we have been, it is about where we are going,” said Jason Conger. “In no other country in the world is my story possible, and I want to make sure that America remains a nation where someone like me can succeed.”

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

  • Too Many Lawyers

    I will never vote for a GD Harvard Lawyer.

  • .

    According to a left wing activist lawyer-t’wit I’m acquainted, she illuminates Harvard (a Conger tripper over-er) as a soulless dark, cold and foreboding place.

    One year with B grades was all she could tolerate – later transferring to sunny ‘blue’ skies Stanford, “Ace’ing” three years credit in two and finesse out law degree requirements out of Lewis and Clark.

    Why is this mentioned? Wail said, both she and Conger are slippery tongued ‘sus-pecious’ lawyers coming on the scene from diverse backgrounds – yet paired in sum sense of PERSatory where Tea Party souls are advised to move on down to H E Double Toothpicks werks!

    OK, so maybe Dr Wehby’s neurosurgery doesn’t pose a lead pipe cinch on overspending outflow – still, it’s better than Quackhaber’s ER governance and what Dems and RIno’s are trying to do Oregonian ‘patients’ since 1987.

  • Michael Cox

    Individual achievement found within a social construct is hardly the making of a Republican. That he is Republican is simple ego blind to the fact that his achievement was aided by a library, public employees sharing knowledge, and a whole host of public money spent on things like roads and networks. No one truly builds it themselves. We built it so that many might succeed and build it further.