Oregon Business Tax Hike defeated

Last minute tax attack of SB 1534-B: has been safely amended.Watchdog
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Yesterday in one of the fastest committee hearings in a long time, the tax sneak attack bill SB 1534-B was amended with C-Amendments.  The amendments to SB 1534 stripped out the dangerous tax plan which would have raised taxes on businesses for their out-of-state income.    It raised these taxes by eliminating tax relief agreed by the October 2013 Grand Bargain.

Thankfully, the bill has been amended and is more closer to its original intent of being able to make technical changes to business tax law.  Special kudos of defeating this tax amendment is due to fast-action by J.L. WIlson of Associated Oregon Industries and Jan Meekombs of NFIB. Read more details of the tax alarm here.