Oregon Republicans push bills to protect children from sex offenders


Oregon Senate Republican Office

Salem, OR –┬áDemonstrating the type of bipartisan and consensus oriented leadership that should define a short legislative session, Senate Republicans have brought two bills to the Senate floor that protect children from sex offenders. Both motions received unanimous approval, 30 to 0.

“This is the type of legislation we should be working together on in such a short session, not bills that split the Senate in divisive debate,” said Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “This shouldn’t be the place for partisan grandstanding, but working on the issues where we find common ground that will make Oregon a better place.”

Senate Republicans successfully withdrew two bills out of committee Thursday. Senate Bill 1517 would give courts the option of life in prison without parole for convicted sex offenders found to be at high risk for re-offending. Senate Bill 1508 would require sex offenders to register with the city police where they actually live, rather than registering in another city within the county.

“We look forward to bringing these bills to a final vote with our Democrat colleagues,” said Ferrioli. “Short sessions should be about the areas in which we agree.”