Lars Larson: PNW Energy

Exactly what is wrong with producing low cost energy for the Pacific Northwest?

Portland General Electric announced plans to build two natural gas plants by 2015 and then spend half a billion dollars to keep its Boardman coal-fired plant burning for thirty more years. It would supply low cost electricity to the Pacific Northwest.

Immediately, the environmental groups went after PGE.

This is what is really terribly sad about our situation. This part of the region needs low cost power. Without low cost power you’re not going to have jobs. Without low cost power the average person is going to find it very difficult to live in a place that’s cold in the winter.

The fact is, PGE is doing the right thing. All the environmentalists can do is say “tear out the dams” and “don’t build windmills because it might hurt the birds.” All of us, I guess, will be left to freeze in the dark.

It doesn’t make any sense and PGE’s plans to provide low cost electricity to a region that desperately needs it, that plan really does make sense.

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