Petition: No New Taxes without Vote of the People

WatchdogSign the petition now to give voters the right to vote on their taxes!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

— End the era of letting politicians and lobbyists decide our taxes behind closed doors, by requiring a public vote on new local taxes!

Oregon has a 110 year-old tradition that gives voters a voice at the ballot box on important issues.

Because Oregon was one of the earliest states to create a citizen initiative process, we were able to pass civil rights and voting rights for women at the ballot box at a time when politicians refused to go along.

Voters also passed tough-on-crime measure at a time when politicians were letting criminals go free.

Letting voters decide on important tax decisions will increase transparency and accountability on tax increases in Oregon. The enclosed petition gives voters the right to vote on local tax & fee increases.

When voters don’t decide taxes — then it is left to politicians and lobbyist to make our tax decisions for us often behind closed doors.

Why should lobbyists have a greater voice than voters?

Help give Oregon voters a voice in their own taxes — Download a free petition directly to your computer. Go Here.

Or email us at [email protected] or call us at 503-603-9009.