Lars Larson: IRS abuses wrong and criminal


by Lars Larson

There’s brand new evidence about what Lois Lerner and her cronies at the IRS were doing to target conservative Americans’ free speech.

Republicans have finally released a report detailing some of the offenses committed by Lois Lerner at the IRS.

She’s the young lady who sat in front of Congress, testified for a for a little while, denied that she had done anything criminal or anything wrong and then she promptly took the Fifth Amendment – where you don’t have to say anything if might implicate you in a crime.

The report says that Lois Lerner, in emails to other IRS officials, wrote about ways to highlight the agency’s scrutiny of Tea Party applicants by provoking groups to challenge IRS rulings in a court case. And she called for a Washington D.C. multi-tiered review for Tea Party groups.

That’s simply using the IRS to try to target the free speech of Americans in this country, and it’s wrong and it’s criminal.

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  • Jack Lord God

    After this particular scandal I think if I ever hear the term “moral high ground” from a liberal again I will laugh in their face.

    Look, it’s clear the IRS was used to systematically stifle the opposition in ways not seen since the Kennedy and Nixon administrations.

    However the real thing here is how illustrative of how the liberal mind works. We have all seen it here, countless times. Liberalism is utterly inconsistent with introspective though or any sort of self criticism. Indeed, to be self critical would be antithetical to a philosophy that blames everyone else for ones circumstances and looks to everyone but oneself for the solution.

    Those who are poor are there through no fault of their own, those who are rich got there mostly by luck. In the case of the poor person, it is not up to him to better his condition, it is up to society to provide it for him. In the case of the rich person it is not up to him how to spend his money, rather it is societies right to spend it for him.

    So when your entire philosophy is based on no one being responsible for their own condition how in the world could we expect someone with that line of thought to be self critical? The purpose of introspection and self criticism is to assess ones responsibility. Where there is no responsibility, there is no self examination of things one did wrong since there is no purpose in doing so. Following ones bliss to a job that does not afford a house or health care does not indicate poor career decisions, it indicates societies failure to take give me those things.

    And that is exactly why the liberal will never be able to be critical either of himself or his leaders. It is antithetical to the entire philosophy to do so. This is also why it is scary as hell. A populous with unquestioning devotion to the leadership and no concept or ability to be critical of them in any significant manner is exactly what has been the key ingredient in many of histories most horrendous moments.

    • LulzPdx

      Don’t read many liberal publications or visit liberal blogs? There are a lot of liberals unhappy with Obama and not shy about sharing it. Repeating your lie over and over again won’t make it true.

      • Jack Lord God

        I read plenty of them. Trust me, I know liberals better than they know themselves.

        So I will ask again for the hundredth time – can you point me to any of the protests in the streets over Obama policies like they did with Bush?

        Plenty of protests about Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush was president. Seemed to be a lot of concern over deaths of US military. We even had Cindy Sheehan chaining herself to Bush’s house.

        Yet when deaths of US military went up drastically under Obama, not a peep in the streets, Sheehan went home a long time ago, Back in the day liberals protested the deaths in Vietnam both when it was LBJ and when it was Nixon. Now you guys just use the bodies to win elections. Once the job is done, you care about them about as much as you care about GITMO detainees – good for wining elections and that’s it.

        Check mate – again.

        • LulzPdx

          You weren’t arguing differences in protest, you claimed that liberals aren’t introspective at all, and never criticize their leaders. You change the terms of the argument to suit your whim. If you read plenty ” of them”, then you know that liberals criticize their own. Not checkmate, just ham fisted selection of facts, and moving of the goal posts.

          Which ones do you read? Evidently not the good ones.

          • .


    • .

      Das ObamaNationale scandal’s, including Hitlary’s Ben Benghazi lazy affair – ‘know’ beknownst numbering untold hundreds of whirling DEMvish twitterpated pathos yet incoming.

      Javoul, cake this: Sgt “I Know nothing S’hitz’n blither bards and udder insurgent posters, ala: .

      in contrast, if a Christie-like RINO, let alone some other GOPlican – and/or Conservative and/or Tea Party activist dare step in front of a DEM NEW WORLD ORDER (Kenya believe) Tiger-tank model; it’s abhorred and sent off to shunning sublime.
      IOW, blown away without drawing munch attention to their breakfast-of-champions farcified by straw-man berry fields gmixt Che Guevara berries and udder Nazionale Sociaist ConUS hemlock berries.


  • Michael Hagmeier

    As usual, it’s B.S. from Lars Larson.

    This is just another of the fake “scandals” that right-wingers have been using to sidetrack this administration.

    Right-wing groups faced no more scrutiny than left-wing groups.

    The real scandal is that someone like Lars Larson is still on the air. He regularly makes things up and tries to pass it off as fact, and in 2005 he sent out an email with a “Katrina timeline” that he claimed was from “the Times Picyaune” (he’s as good at spelling as he is with everything else, apparently.) The timeline had many items that differed from what the Times Picayune was publishing on their website. When asked for the specific source, Lars clammed up.

    Misrepresenting a source used to be a firing offense in the media world. No longer, apparently.

    • Yecho

      Hagmeier, you resound like a kiss’n cousin of Theobore of SCAMania coventry and medical mj high up in the family screeds of David Appell, 3H, Ardbed and LulzPdz, eat al.

      • Yecho

        Add sol668 to the list. Gee, one would think they all might prefer to untwist their knickers over on BlueOregon and not dither their blather on right minded OC.

    • Damnable Blather

      I see the BS toming off M. Hagglemeir.

  • Barry Soetoro Cokesnort

    Lois will be silenced by the thugs in Chicago soon enough.

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