Lars Larson: Feet to the Fire

It’s about time, once a year, to remind Congress that the American public does not want to have amnesty for illegal aliens.

Every year talk show hosts get together and have “Feet to the Fire”. They hold the event in Washington, D.C. to remind members of the United States Congress what they shouldn’t be doing.

You see, a few years ago Congress tried to pass amnesty. It would have given to people who had been breaking our laws the right to stay in this country legally and even seek to become permanent citizens of the U.S.

That’s wrong. We should not reward law-breaking activities. Instead, we should be telling people that there is a legal immigration system. They need to use that system and if they are not ready to come to this country legally, they shouldn’t come at all.

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  • Mary Ellen

    If someone is here illegally they should simply go home.
    We have about 10 million unemployed US citizens now, thanks to O and his crazy Stalinist measures, who would be willing to do the work these illegals are doing.

    Why can’t people figure that out. Too allow these illegals to stay is a slap in the face of every single immigrant who ever lived and came to this country legally.

    A big slap, do you hear me?

    Sorry, folks, but Lars is right on this one. 100% right on!!

  • Oregonian

    As I have for years, I’ll only support immigration reform if we can included state-to-state immigration restrictions. Anyone have a link to the numbers coming to Oregon and where they come from? Lars, you have to agree with me that Californicators are ruining this state.

  • v person

    “You see, a few years ago Congress tried to pass amnesty. It would have given to people who had been breaking our laws the right to stay in this country legally and even seek to become permanent citizens of the U.S.”

    If they stepped forward, paid a fine, had not broken laws other than being here without proper documentation, if they had been here a certain number of years, if they had family ties here, and were gainfully employed. And anyone on earth has a right to seek to become a permanent citizen of the US. Those here illegally include kids brought here by their parents many years ago who were raised here and have no knowledge of their home countries. Do we really need to treat them as criminals?

    We can disagree over whether this would be good policy or not, but let’s at least agree on the facts of the matter.

    • Jerry

      In answer to your question, yes.

    • cecil

      Far too many idle people in the USA. Idle hands means idle minds with nothing better to do than stir up trouble. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Please round up a few amigos and deport yourself before the USA becomes a banana republic.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Um – since they have broken the law then I suppose treating them like criminals would make a lot of sense.

      Of course since there is this sense that illegals would tend to be easy votes for the Democrats to buy with our grandkids money, your milage obviously varies.

  • Игорь

    Сайт очень качественный. Вам награду бы за него или орден почета. 🙂

  • Rick Hickey

    A painful reminder that we do NOT need not really cheap imported labor, as Abe Lincoln proved.

    The young and the lightly skilled American are suffering the most from massive immigration.

    In the NY Post today…

    The dead end kids
    By RICHARD WILNER Last Updated: 4:45 AM, September 27, 2009 Posted: 1:34 AM, September 27, 2009

    The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent — a post-World War II high, according to the Labor Dept. — meaning millions of Americans are staring at the likelihood that their lifetime earning potential will be diminished and, combined with the predicted slow economic recovery, their transition into productive members of society could be put on hold for an extended period of time.

    And worse, without a clear economic recovery plan aimed at creating entry-level jobs, the odds of many of these young adults — aged 16 to 24, excluding students — getting a job and moving out of their parents’ houses are long. Young workers have been among the hardest hit during the current recession — in which a total of 9.5 million jobs have been lost.
    “It’s an extremely dire situation in the short run,” said Heidi Shierholz, an economist with the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute. “This group won’t do as well as their parents unless the jobs situation changes.”

    • capor

      Nicely done Rick. If the NYT article is completely factual, the stats are alarming. All parties from left to right should find this to be most concerning for their families futures. If you are a legal citizen in this country you should be raising the noise level on this issue. People who are soft on illegal alien debates ought to consider how several members of their extended family will get work in the future if we continue to let aliens infiltrate our borders and get amnesty.

      As for knuckle heads that state it is a “right” to come to the USA and become a citizen I simply say this: They have NO rights at all UNTIL they become a CITIZEN! If they don’t want to follow the laws of this country by apply for citizenship as all others before them, then they should prepare for the journey home.

  • Rob DeHarpport

    At a time when blue collar jobs are nearly non-existent for many Americans, Amnesty or whatever label Obama puts on reform would be a huge travesty and slap in the face for un-employed Americans.
    I would get the heck out of Mexico also, you can’t say that many illegals are not hard workers. Have you ever seen them at an intersection looking for handouts? But the bottom line is; Illegal is illegal! Would any other country tolerate this invasion? Would any other countries leaders turn a blind eye to it’s very own laws and sovereignty? Why are we allowing our leaders to do this?
    Google LAPD Most wanted… 165 of the 206 are Hispanic. They are not all obviously doing the work that Americans will not do.
    Hard to imagine that a country that put a man on the moon in eight years, built the Empire State Building in 410 days, saved the world from the Axis powers in WWII. Can’t stop or even slow the flood of illegal immigrants straining an already strained nation. What happened to the fence congress approved in 2006??? Still not finished!
    Instead of sending more troops to Afghanistan, send them to our own southern border!

  • Voter

    Unless the GOP is completely dead in this state, they should be able to use the Democrats tax increases to retaking the legislature. Stupidly the Democrats have given next years election to the GOP on a silver platter.

    They tried to take too much too soon!

    • Anonymous

      “Unless the GOP is completely dead in this state, ”

      Actually, every day I drive by the office for the Oregon GOP – or what was the office – which is an empty building, with the OR-GOP sign still up, and a big “for lease” sign. Has been this way for about 2 years now, I think.

      And yes, I know they are in a different office – but the point is, the OR GOP is so inept that it can’t even fix this glaring problem on one of the busiest streets in the state capital. It may as well be dead.

      Meanwhile, the “Tea” Party is growing and thriving. How about we just supplant the GOP and move forward from there?

  • Brittanicus

    Our government panders to the 20 to 30 plus (?) illegal immigrants allowing them free subsidies from taxpayers in the US. California–a Sanctuary State has one of the worst records that currently languish under the immense burden of near bankruptcy, instead of –ATTRACTING–ICE to illegal business operations. Why wouldn’t certain legislators want health care for foreign labor, because they have an over abundance of illegal immigrant families to financially support? Our own government is so absorbed in protecting every other countries border? They remain unconcerned to our poor replica border fence that should have been a two-tier periphery, with border patrol surveillance lanes in between, as originally planned by Rep. Duncan Hunter. Every time a good enforcement plan is written, it’s methodically cut to pieces by pro-illegal worker politicians and open border fanatics. Though we spend billions on our armed forces in foreign lands, the rich countries in Europe just forward token troops and little money: while our nation is literary falling apart at the seams–or its rivets?

    Any moment now I expect to hear of yet another collapsing ailing city bridge, deteriorating waterworks, the underground pipes and eroding highway. Our cities are already exhibiting inward decay, but years of neglect by the very people who’s supposed to protect us do nothing? I have reiterated watch “The Crumbling of America” on the History (International) channel in the next few weeks and learn? This is where your tax dollars should be going? We must not allow the Administration as in previous times keep sending our precious tax dollars to other countries. These politicians are deaf, dumb and intentionally blind to the rigors our industrial nation is going through. Not just Democrats, but the Republicans have had their sticky fingers in the bad apple–SPECIAL INTEREST–barrel, where money is plentiful. It’s like they are intentionally trying to turn our magnificent country into a third world nation, while making other cheap labor countries, on an even par with our sovereign society as US wages tumble? Then Again the Council of Foreign Relations have been amplifying its agenda of free movement of cheap labor through North America for years?

    Most of these other lands have been at each others throats for centuries, so why do we expect any metamorphism into something any different? Only change can come from within, not by our nation expending billions of dollars, American lives? We must build our own borders fences, tall and strong and meant to keep out drug dealers, criminal aliens, terrorists and the never ending tracks of illegal aliens. Our politician’s noses are involved in too much foreign policy, while our aging infrastructure implodes. Trillions of dollars are spirited out the country, while we gain little in return. Washington–MUST–start giving back to the jobless American worker by placing a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, even legal? The next politicians should deliver us from any new sinister path to citizenship or better referred to as BLANKET AMNESTY? Follow the “Rule of Law” and not twist it into something else for their own convenience, as it will come back to haunt them at the voting booth. Unless ACORN steps-in with another fed contract and handles sign-ups for the ballot box? In that case will still see absentee ballots for the deceased people, pets and anybody who has learned that you need no government picture ID to sign on to vote.

    The 1986 immigration reform bill dismally failed last time and all we inherited was 5 million illegal immigrants that still keep on coming with their impoverished hands out. Anti-Illegal immigrant forces are growing in numbers to stop another travesty. They acknowledge it could end up costing billions, perhaps even trillions of dollars. Nationwide we have seen the advent of closing hospitals and emergency rooms that have been submerged everyday by swarms by penniless foreigners and their families. Yes! We need health care reform. Americans are dying, going bankrupt , falling under the spell of debt collectors. The special interest lobbyists are causing mass hysteria by lying to the people. Many insurance companies are under this bombardment in television, radio and mass media. Their Status quo wants no change to their profits or high flying CEO’s making millions of dollars. on patients backs? I want health care reform, for the sake of my step daughter who died of Cancer, because the insurers said it was a pre-existing condition and they couldn’t continue to insure her?

    It has become an enigma–THAT THE EMPLOYERS WHO HIRE THEM-LEAVE THE MAJORITY OF SICK PEOPLE ON THE STEPS OF EMERGENCY ROOMS. SO THAT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY ENDS THERE? THEY DRIVE AWAY WITH A CLEAR CONSCIOUS? THEN IS LEFT FOR THE TAXPAYERS CHECK BOOK TO PAY THE BILL? THOSE EMPLOYERS SHOULD BE HUNTED DOWN AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY CENT. We have already been warned by the census bureau of overpopulation in the not too distant future. WE now have a very unique deterrent called E-Verify, that is a part of the SAVE ACT and our lawmakers should stop procrastinating and make it permanent for every worker? Washington knows their walking on quicksand, if the try to under fund or spirit away E-Verify this time around? The corrupting influences from the special interest lobby, have failed to induce many lawmakers to table E-Verify. In our future it could have many other uses other than extracting unauthorized labor from the workplace. Once fully installed it could check state drivers license applicants, insurance, school and higher education registrations and hospital admittances.

    Americans have been unknowingly paying taxes to underwrite subsidies for the illegal population for decades. This is the biggest draw to American jobs, because the employers who hire them are sentient that taxpayers will foot the bills for education, health food stamps, housing and other government benefit consignments that even as citizens are denied. Keep the phone calls coming at 202-224-3121 LOOK FOR ANSWERS AT NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & OVERPOPULATION AT CAPSWEB? These websites can identity politicians who actually work for the American people and others whose immigration grading level is unsatisfactory to stay in office? Have you heard about any large ICE raids lately? ICE got the order to cease and desist from the motley Democratic leadership. They are also using their influence to either weaken the federal training program 287 G that gives local police federal right to hold for questioning suspicious individual’s immigration status and to rescind the no-match-letter capability in determining a person’s right to work?

  • Tania

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
    Thank you

  • Anonymous


    How did you and Appell get so stupid.

    You listed the reasons we have legal immigration and the process to make sure those who are entering the counttry should be allowed.

    They stepped forward, filled out an application, paid a fee, had not broken laws, they wait a certain number of years, may have had family ties here, and they are required to have an employer sponsor, and they look forward to becomeing a permanent citizen of the US.

    Those here illegally include every element the legal process screnes out.

    Get it, stupid?
    Many are criminals, not employed and have no business being here.

    Try facing facts yourself.

    • v person

      You left out an impoprtant word…IF. I wrote IF they stepped forward, etc…

      What good does it do to say a 10 year old kid is a law breaker? Or a 20 year old who was brought here by he parents when she was 2 years old and maybe does not even speak Spanish? Anti illegals focus on the worst cases to make their point, but there are a lot of cases where a bit of humnanity is called for. The so-called “amnesty” bill tried to deal with this by screening those who are here illegally. If they fell into certain categfories they could stay and apply for citizenship or permanent legal status. If they did not they would be sent home. What is wrong with this?

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with this is your ignorance and naivity. That isn’t how it was going to work at all.

    You never read the bill, never boned up, and never knew what you are now talking about.

    And as with many of your pals explaining something is fultile.

    There’s nothing wrong with the legal immigration policies.

    If all of our government agencies recongized their responsiblility to uphold the law our illegal problem would be a fraction of what it is.

    Your cherry picked examples fall way short of characterizing the problem of open border massive illegal immigration.
    But your left wing rhetoric always falls short of reality.

  • Richard

    Speak for yourself. Your Statist opinion does not speak for all Americans including one like me who hold liberty over institutions. I believe you about keeping the law instead of restricting immigrant competition when conservatives support reducing restrictions on legal immigration as part of immigration reform. All I see is dressing populist anti immigrant restrictions and job entitlement as reform in the same way Liberals are dressing socialized medicine as health reform.

  • Brittanicus

    With unemployment at a 26 year high, the New York Times has revealed that immigration authorities at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have undertaken preparations for issuing visas to 11-18 millions (?) My guess over 20 million + illegal aliens who would be granted–BLANKET AMNESTY–if Congress is–able–to pass immigration reform legislation. Now is the time to remind your Senators and Representatives at 202-224-3121, that we demand they do enroll on to this ill conceived abomination. Into our country at least a million law abiding newcomers come annually, clutching their entry visas; many waiting for years for a chance at the American dream. But the thrall of lobotomized Democrats are in for a hard lessen, including some Republican business enthusiasts, who think it’s–going to be a simple solution approving this financial calamity.

    This illegal alien mess has been methodically created by both parties for decades. But monumental amounts of the US population do not agree with this outcome.

    All we need is mandatory E-Verify to remove from every honest business, workers who came here illegally; those who don’t will suffer severe penalties. This is a murky back-door way for hard-line Liberal Democrats to sneak past all verification measures, which would approve a path to citizenship for lawbreakers thus giving them access to–YOUR–health care? All Americans GOOGLE–NUMBERSUSA, to uncover the deceitful way they plan to cheat all legal workers and citizens? America is already on the road to irreversible OVERPOPULATION. Do all the people out their who are suffering from a compassion syndrome, believe–ALL–Americans want to pay even higher taxes to support corporate welfare, for the millions they have already hired? I don’t think so?

    This is one of the cloaked agendas of The Council of Foreign Relations to intensify the unfettered inflow of destitute peoples into North America. We already spend more money across the globe, than anyone else? Yet the United Nations is never satisfied. We already have a negative-dollar free trade treaty, which has seen the disappearance of our manufacturing industries. To me Globalism and internationalism are dirty words, and when Americans open their eyes it might be too late? Our country is being emasculated by the illegal immigration and the financial support poured out by unaware taxpayers. America is like the Greek god “Atlas” supporting the world and its issues? That is exactly what we are doing–SUPPORTING THE WORLD? For the record 15 Democrats are already discussing your fate, as they strife to undermine immigration enforcement amendment.

    1. To permanently reauthorize E-Verify? 2. To complete the 700 miles of border fencing? 3. To continue and not rescind the No-match-letter program, that HS Napolitano has closed down. 4. Grassley’s amendment to allow all businesses that use E-Verify to run all of their current employees through the E-Verify system. Go see who the traitors are to our protection of the border at NUMBERSUSA.

    Do you know what the state of our highways or underground utilities? Each state has 30 year underground causeways of irreparable water and sewage pipes that our government has ignored. Again I say watch “The Crumbling of America” on the History channel. Each year our bridges and dams are deteriorating, so they do hasty repairs, but many are seeing erosion that cannot be fixed, because the state has not enough money? Yet the Democrats want to cause an avalanche of impoverished people, who will want to bring in even more family members. Who’s going to recompense for them? Then even more will break through the fence, enter as a tourist or slip into America via the Caribbean? The onslaught will never end and our reservoir of cash is exhausted.

    I have a hard time paying my taxes, without paying more for the impecunious, uneducated who slip into our sovereign country bring the criminals, the handicapped and elderly immigrants. Who pays for my family and kids, the house payment, health care and car? NOT THE BLOODY TRAITORS IN WASHINGTON ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE WHO KEEP PILING ON HIDDEN TAXES TO SUBSIDIZE ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS AND FAMILIES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. I’LL EVEN GO FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE SKILLED JOBS AND SOMETHING TO OFFER, BUT NOT FOR JUST ANYBODY WHO TAXPAYERS HAVE TO SUPPORT? Learn more about corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH. Learn about POPULATION GROWTH at CAPSWEB.

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