Barbara Jensen’s role in state IT nightmare before Cover Oregon

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by NW Spotlight

Cover Oregon has been in the news again recently. This time it was when Gov. Kitzhaber announced that after having spent more than $170 million and years of development, they’re not sure if they can even get it to work!

Unfortunately for Oregon taxpayers, this isn’t the first time that the State of Oregon has had a disastrous large information technology (IT) project. As a January 2014 Bend Bulletin article pointed out, “Cover Oregon joins a list of high-tech undertakings the state oversold,” that includes the failed DMV project, the State Data Center, the Oregon Medicaid Management Information System, the Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network and the failed software project for the Oregon Employment Department.

Barbara Jensen and the State Data Center

Barbara Jensen is running in the Republican primary in Oregon House District 25 against conservative radio talk show host Bill Post. House District 25 covers Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg. The Statesman Journal described Jensen as a “longtime state government employee.” One of those state jobs was working for the State of Oregon as the Communications Officer for the Oregon State Data Center from 2004-2009. On her LinkedIn profile, it notes that she “served to plan and build” the State Data Center.

Barbara Jensen - LinkedIn - OR State Data Center

The Oregon consolidated State Data Center (SDC) was a project to consolidate 12 state data centers into one, “to reduce the number of servers and operating systems it supported (thereby lowering hardware, licensing, and management costs), offer new and better service level agreements, improve the state’s disaster recovery capability, allow for growth and technological advances, and ensure better data security.” A 2008 report from the Oregon Secretary of State auditors found that the SDC project failed to meet several of those “significant objectives.”

Oregon’s SDC project made national news in IT trade journals with headlines like this one in CIO magazine in 2008: Oregon’s Data Center Nightmare.

CIO magazine had this to say about the SDC project “”The state’s new site was completed in January, 2006 at a cost of $20 million. A year later, 11 agencies [out of 12] were migrated to the new facility, at a cost of $43 million. At $25,000 per relocated server or about $4 million per agency, the move’s cost was astounding—and it gets worse. In July, 2008, the state issued a report concluding that in fact only 70 out of the 1,700 servers had been eliminated, and new service level agreements had not been provided. Data security was so poor that the Department of Education could not move into the new facility due to its failure to meet federal privacy regulations, and another agency had to move back into its old center because the new center’s power supply was inadequate. As for the projected cost savings, who knew?””

An Information Week article from 2008 reported “The [Oregon’s Office of the Secretary of State] auditor’s report says several of the project’s ‘significant objectives’ haven’t been met, including reducing the number of network servers and operating systems, ensuring adequate security measures, offering service-level agreements, and implementing an effective disaster-recovery strategy. Resources will have to be added to the project, and the efficiencies and planned cost-savings will likely not materialize, the report concludes.”

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  • Jack Lord God

    At this moment, on Capital Hill, the meat grinder is turning to hold GM chief Mary T Barra responsible for an ignition switch on a car. It’s a serious matter, people were killed.

    Yet when it comes to government apparently we have entirely different standards.

    “I don’t know anything, first thing I heard about it was like you all, when I read it in the papers”

    We accept this idiotic excuse from the President himself, repeatedly, and in situations also where people have been killed.

    We accept this idiocy from our Govorner, repeatedly. Cover Oregon? Gee he didn’t know what was going on. The DMV computer scam? Gee, he didn’t know what was going on. Jane Cease, who headed the DMV computer fraud,gee, she didn’t know anything either. And when she was terminated, for the episode, she was rehired almost immediately. The reason, personal friend of the governor. There wasn’t even pretense made, it was a straight slap in the face to the taxpayer. We don’t care how hard you worked to make that money to pay the taxes, it’s our damn money, we are entitled by our cronyism to your labor.

    But when it comes to the head of GM, boy she better know where every damn switch goes and she sure as hell better have some answers.

    What I want to know is when we will hold government officials to any standard at all, let alone one approaching the rigor Mary T Barra faces.

    What I want to know is why the hell we are paying any of these people anything at all. They consistently waste money and get nothing done. I don’t need to pay someone $100k a year to dream up a dopey bridge that serves no purpose, like CRC, and flush money down the toilet paying off his friends to do endless studies. Any idiot can do that.

    I don’t need to pay someone a pension to screw up a project so badly it costs $25,000 to move a server, An average hot dog vendor with no competency in the area whatsoever could do that.

    I don’t need to pay someone $450k a year to blow a trillion dollars on a stimulus bill, and then yuck it up a couple of years later with Oprah about how he found out there weren’t any shovel ready jobs. We spent a trillion dollars so this jerk off could have a punch line?

    When the hell will one of these people be brought in front of a committee and be grilled to the same extent Mary T Barra was?

    When the hell will that person face serious consequences, including jail time, for their absolutely abysmal mismanagement?

    By the result they are getting, it seems our entire government is run by people who really have very little skill at anything at all, The best they ever do is get nothing done. At their worst they get nothing done and run up huge bills. At their most horrendous they get people killed and make up dopey You Tube excuses.

    We are ruled by the least competent among us. These people are absolute idiots good only at lining their pockets. We have a press who laughs along with them. Both laugh at us. Why shouldn’t they? They are ripping us off with impunity and making less pretense of that fact than the elites in Hunger Games. We pay so they can play. It’s about time to start calling these people what they are – thieves.

    • Myke

      Its pretty simple. Administrative rulers. You don’t get to vote for these fools, you just get to vote for the joker who gets to sell us down the road as payment for their financial support in buying our opinions (votes) to get elected. Administrators, czars, dictators, all the same, undemocratically appointed writers of law (administrative rules), who get to spend their (our) time and money with impunity. They are tasked with the challenge of coming up with ‘new’ and expensive ways to run your life better then you could ever imagine because, well, because they say so. And, since you, as well many others, are so ignorant as to see that a law has never been written that didn’t take someone’s right away, well, then you, as well as the rest of the bone headed electors of this state, deserve the hosing that’s been happening over the last thirty plus years. No offence.

      • Jack Lord God

        Wow, astonishingly ignorant comment.

        • Myke

          Jack, in many cases I agree with you, and in your reply, yes, you have made an “astonishingly ignorant comment.”

  • Bob Clark

    Somehow Jensen is getting significant financial backing from the GOP establishment. Not sure, what’s up with that? Some of her donors aren’t exactly crony capitalists.

  • Ballistic45

    You can bet that some crony supporters got a big hunk of the pie on these failed projects…

  • .

    Thinking she ought Jane Cease and desist. From what her eyes reveal,

    RhINOplasty overcome by blonde ambition.

  • Sally

    Do any of these morons even know what a computer is? Or what it does?
    Methinks not.

    • .

      Windows XP yourself, monsieur silly sally forker on the tableau.

  • ,

    Prefer to see Sandra Bullock’s image replace Barbara Jensen’s.
    OC now, many will agree.

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