Cover Oregon: Money for nothing


by NW Spotlight

Oregon taxpayers will likely end up liking the 1985 Dire Straits version of Money for Nothing better than the Cover Oregon version. Gov. Kitzhaber laid a quiet bombshell during his Cover Oregon press conference this past week. He revealed that there is still some question on whether they can ever get the Cover Oregon web site up.

Gov. Kitzhaber said ”We have to make the decision on how much of this technology do we want to save and use, whether or not we can still get it up, and that’s still an outstanding question, whether we want to go to the federal exchange.”


So Cover Oregon has spent more than $170 million so far, and after years of development they still don’t even know if they can get it to work?

As former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan said in a November 19, 2013 Portland Business Journal article “We’ve paid for a very expensive jingle.”