Lars Larson: Limit Government Growth

It’s about time people in Washington put some limits on government growth. This week I got the chance to talk to a teacher and librarian from Vancouver. She’s dead set against 1033. That’s the citizen Initiative that seeks to put a limit on the growth of government””not just state, but local government revenue as well.

Here’s the sensible way to do it. You say to government, “You can grow as much as population grows, plus inflation. If inflation isn’t growing and the population isn’t growing, your revenues don’t grow either.”

The fact is that an awful lot of people in Washington State have seen their salaries go backwards. But, in the public sector, salaries are still going up because government assumes that revenues will go up. The problem is that revenue only goes up when it’s fed by the salaries of citizens and that’s not happening right now.

I’m going to vote “yes” on 1033. I’m a Washington resident. But, an awful lot of teachers and librarians are going to vote “no”.

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