Oregon Tax Hell: 16th highest taxed state

By Taxpayer Association of Oregontax-hell

The National Tax Foundation rates Oregon as the 16th highest tax state in the nation.

Oregon’s high taxes matches with its big spending ways. U.S. Census Bureau data reveals that Oregon is the 17th biggest spending state in the nation per capita.

Federally, Tax Freedom Day is three days later this year and falls on April 21st. Tax Freedom Day is the day when taxpayers as a whole earned enough money to pay their taxes. If Tax Freedom Day includes borrowing it goes into May.

Even with Oregon’s high taxes, there are moves to raise them higher

– There are 35 local tax measures on the May Primary
– League of Oregon Cities & Counties is advocating busting Oregon’s property tax caps.
– Governor Kitzhaber has been floating a sales tax plan
– The Oregon Legislature is promoting a study on implementing a State Carbon Tax
– Portland is considering a street maintenance tax on people’s homes
– Oregon’s public employee unions submitted several tax ballot initiatives totaling nearly billion dollars.

When all is said and done Oregonians pay more on taxes than food, clothing & shelter combined.

*** Living in Oregon Tax Hell means we need your support more than ever.  The Taxpayer Association is your voice for lower taxes since 1999.  Please make a donation or even use your free Political Tax Credit. We can’t do it without you.


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  • Ralph

    High taxes are needed so that the rich pay their fair share. Plus, without them where would I be? Homeless and hungry no doubt, as I rely on the state to take care of me as I choose not to care for myself.

    • .

      Ya sure, ick includes freebee VD screening, testosterone shots and abortions for your mistakes, too, MaGoo!

  • Bob Clark

    Mayor Hales and Commissioner’s Novick’s proposed street maintenance tax for Portland households has gone from $5 per month when they initially began test trialing it to now $12 per month. The Portland Transportation Bureau has a long history of misspending its monies on non basic items and blowing it on seldom used street cars and road diet calming cement curb extensions (eliminating whole lanes of road for car and bus commuters). And yet we are suppose to trust them now by handing over $144 per year to them.

    Fortunately, the recent polls show very mixed support for this new tax. But this isn’t stopping Hales or Novick as they are talking of forcing it rather than referring it to voters. Maybe what’s needed is another Measure, one designed to create a new Transportation District which would own city streets, collect parking fee revenues and the City’s share of gasoline taxes; and with board member elections. Many prominent Portland institutions admit governance of Portland’s water and sewer service needs fixing; but really the same thing can be said about governance of Portland’s Transportation Bureau.

  • thevillageidiot

    Laffer Curve.
    within the article is a link to the report. and according the this Oregon is one of the nine highest income tax states. now this may not quite correlate with All taxes but 16th is bad. our neighbor to the north has had consistently lower taxes and has consistently out performed Oregon in Gross State Product. The Laffer Curve shows trends in decades not just year over year.
    So yeah lets increase taxes. fewer people will move here and more will move out. less business will move here increasing the unemployment level, making more room for the poor and unemployed to get more from the federal, state and local governments.

    this goes hand in hand with the Dan Lucas article.

  • disqus_Fct5923LDM

    My wife and I saved over $13,000.00 in state income taxes in our first full year when we moved from Portland to Reno. And don’t even get me started on Portland’s absurd sewer fees and utility costs.

    • .

      An’ they d’oh-‘nt call it Weird Portland, aka, PORKland and POTland, for nutt’n, blokes!

  • .

    Hell, let’s just divide Oregon into enough Delaware states that fits and be Dem with it. OK, Donkey?

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