Brilliant HBO skewer of Cover Oregon disaster

WARNING: Strong language

John Oliver rips on the complete disaster of Cover Oregon on HBO’s political talk show “Last Week Tonight”.

The Oregonian’s Jeff Manning reported “On the Sunday debut of his ‘Last Week Tonight’ political talk show on HBO, the left-leaning John Oliver unleashes a fusillade of hilarious haymakers against Oregon’s famously non-functional health care exchange.”

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  • guest

    ‘Tis a grave situation that should be clearly laid out before voters anoint Kitzhaber with an unprecedented and virtually unwarranted 4th term as Oregon governor.
    Leaven Neil Goldschmidt has more transparent credibility than this blathers-kite in Cylvia’s amour.

  • sally

    Cover Oregon is a showcase of ineptitude, hubris, idiocy, lunacy, wastefulness, and sheer tomfoolery, all at our expense.

  • My2Bits

    Very nice. One for the bookmarks this election season!

  • gullyborg

    Seriously, how does the GOP get the rights to the Lisa Loeb song for use in actual campaign commercials? That is freaking BRILLIANT!

    • thevillageidiot

      only if they are a starving artist. or know a starving atrist.

  • thevillageidiot

    if this is not enough to get a republician majority into the house and senate then we truly deserve what comes our way. just wait until the Fed gov starts reducing the medicaid payments as promised next year. what are the legislators going to do with that? Oh my the poor are going to all die from the lack of medical care. Oh No what are we to do. I know lets confiscate more of the evil rich peoples money and any body that makes over 100000 per year gets taxed at 12% that should fill the coffers at least until those all leave. I think I will move to portlandia. at least there everybody pays their fair share. and it is increasing all the time. more money for trimet more money for water and sewage. more money for starving artists.

  • Granola girl

    Everyone that voted for Kitz and Obama are getting theirs. We are the laughing stock of the country, and the world. Putin is proving to be the smart one, soon we will all be speaking Russian or Chinese unless people wake up!!

  • sally

    Everyone knows that these websites are no trivial matter. It would cost at least twice what they spent to actually get one that really works. I only hope they can get more $ and fix it right, rather than give in and waste the money they already spent. We are so close to getting it right.

  • srsbusiness

    People talk about Chicago-style politics, but really, they’ve got nothing on Portland and Salem as far as corruption. If this isn’t enough to de-throne Kitzhaber, it really may take a state bankruptcy until we get reform.

  • unemotional

    Nowadays when I travel and people ask where I’m from I say Mississippi so I don’t feel like such a hayseed.

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