Obama’s road & bridge repair scam


by NW Spotlight

Yesterday, the White House sent out notice that “America’s Roads and Bridges Are Crumbling.”

There’s even some great infographics on the White House web site, and this dire warning “The funding to fix our nation’s roads and bridges is quickly running out — and it’s up to Congress to act. 65% of America’s major roads are rated in less than good condition, and 25% of our bridges require significant repair or can’t handle today’s traffic. If Congress doesn’t reauthorize transportation funding, more than 112,000 construction projects and nearly 700,000 jobs will be at risk.”

Wait, this sounds familiar.

Wasn’t this what President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package going to fix? What he needed $787 billion for? At the signing of the 2009 stimulus package in Denver, President Obama said “Because of this investment, nearly 400,000 men and women will go to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges…”

Where did all that money go? Which roads and bridges did the 400,000 men and women fix? The 400,000 men and women with their new “shovel ready jobs.”