Lars Larson: The Obamas behave like the one percent


by Lars Larson

Why do the Obamas behave like the one percent yet disparage the one percent?

From the time he took office Barack Obama has been critical of the one percent, even though he himself is a one percenter – worth about $10 million. And in the years ahead as he leaves office he’ll be worth multiples of tens of millions of dollars through his book, Michelle Obama’s book, speaking engagements and the like.

So here’s the President who has disparaged private executives for flying on company jets and yet the President flies around on a private jet. I’d venture to say that the President will probably never set foot on a commercial airliner with the rest of us for the rest of life.

He will live like a one percenter, while telling us that the one percenters are the biggest part of the problem. And of course his solution to the one percent – take their wealth away and redistribute it to everyone else.

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