Rep. Mike McLane on same-sex marriage court decision

Mike McLane_thb

House Republican Leader Mike McLane

Salem, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) today issued the following statement in response to today’s federal court ruling regarding same-sex marriage:

“For those that believe marriage is a religious covenant, the origin of which predates America, today’s federal court ruling won’t change that. For those that believe marriage is a legal union between two people that is recognized and enforced by our state government, today’s ruling is a logical extension of the Supreme Court’s ruling last summer. Our society must embrace both views. My hope is that the process of reconciliation in Oregon will continue as we move forward with respect for each other.”

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  • Greg Halvorson

    Respect for each other? Translation: the gender-bending progressive left gets its way, and EVERYONE else must shut up and comply.

    • DavidAppell

      Who says you must shut up?
      Who censored your comment here?

      • .

        U doo, scat head!

  • DavidAppell

    Marriage ceased to be a religious covenant in the US long, long ago.

  • Jack Lord God

    Good response. Let’s move ahead and realize ones life is not altered by another couples marriage.

    Let’s also try and maybe figure out that married couples tend to be more open to Republican issues than unmarried ones. This is a tremendous opportunity for the Republican party to try and be less idiotic in the future on this issue than they have been in the past.

    • .

      Barcelona you bullinski!

      • Jack Lord God

        Must be great to have a special private language only you can understand.

        • .

          Go snit under an Appell tree an’ hugg’m for michael moore.

  • rhotundra

    This will not stand up under appeal after the Governor is replaced, since Ellen had no right to ignore her oath and allow a gay Ocommunist appointee to invalidate the Oregon Constitution and will of the residents. The US Constitution has never mentioned marriage and this is so odoriferous that fresh air is getting hard to find.

  • zanzara2041

    Hey, Mike, there is nothing to reconcile. The “judge” invoked tyranny.

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