Freedom Oregon praises marriage ruling

Freedom Oregon praises marriage rulingfreedomoregon
Freedom Oregon Press Release

Freedom Oregon is proud to have been part of this historic effort to extend personal freedoms to all Oregonians.

Our state and Freedom Oregon Republicans have once more shown the nation cutting edge leadership

Freedom Oregon is a group of liberty minded Republicans, conservatives, and independent thinking Oregonians who support the freedom to marry initiative. Freedom Oregon believes in freedom, equality, fairness and opportunity for all. People can learn more about Freedom Oregon on our webpage, or Faceboook

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  • Selah

    Oregon’s Constitution had no need of being assassinated by a judge PAC’d ‘buy’ his own sexuality.

    Why? ‘Cuz same sex couples from around the world don’t need $um certificate of their commitment…unless that’s all they crawl for: Entitlement to $odomize other’s belief and suborn udders credence’s!

    B’dea, bid ya that’s assault folks!

    • Job One

      ‘assault’ also defined as a salt pillar.

    • Eric Blair

      Or, if they want the same legal protections that married couples possess.

      • Hmm, maybe

        Opus Pshaw!

  • Dick Winningstad

    Marriage between anyone now. More left hijacking of the language. Just like swamps are now wet lands, individual homes are now urban sprawl, or forests are old growth.

    • Eric Blair

      I don’t believe that it was the state’s job to protect your particular definition. You can still personally define marriage however you want, and you are not required to marry someone of the same sex.

      • Hm

        Dogbone you, shillgrim for what’s left.

      • Dick Winningstad

        Hmmm…. Looking in any dictionary, marriage is defined as a man and a woman together. That is not my particular definition I would suggest. The idea that same sex couples can marry is the foreign concept in this world.

        • Eric Blair

          Dictionary definitions change all the time. And can vary from dictionary to dictionary. LOL.. language gets “hijacked” all the time, otherwise it simply dies. I’m not sure why marriage should be limited to only a man and a woman simply because your dictionary defines it that way.

          Most of the arguments against gay marriage have been based upon religious objections. I think your simply engaging in misdirection.

          By the way, the Merriam Webster online dictionary defines marriage as both between opposite sex and same sex. I guess my dictionary won.

          • antityrant

            Since we are looking at dictionaries, please review the definitions of the following words, so we can intelligently communicate:

            dereliction of duty


            democratic process

            antithetical to nature


          • Eric Blair

            LOL perversion is so vague and dependent upon personal viewpoints, that it’s nearly useless.

            Antithetical to nature? Same sex acts abound in nature. However, marriage doesn’t By your own definition wouldn’t marriage be antithetical to nature?

            Democratic process – see the founders on their opinion of the tyranny of the majority and get back to me.

            Betrayal and dereliction of duty? Now you’re just throwing in the kitchen sink.

            Lets try some terms and see what you think:



            Those seem good at the moment.

          • antityrant

            Same sex acts that perpetuate the gene pool; nature does not work that way for mammals.

          • antityrant

            The concept of marriage has several restrictions, one of which is the limitation to the opposite sex. Another is a limitation on the number of people involved to two. Other restrictions include close genetic relation and age. These restrictions have been imposed to benefit the children produced in the union, the community, and the culture.

            Sure, some people are upset with the restrictions, and rightfully complain that equality has been sacrificed for the significant benefit of standardization in cooperation with the natural order. Such sacrifice is a necessary feature in a community that desires to perpetuate itself.

            History’s dust bin is full of cultures that have flaunted their defiance of the natural order. Our culture holds brighter possibilities. Let us persevere in the democratic process, and reject the tyranny of Judge McShane.

      • antityrant

        For at least five millennia the concept of marriage has been male‑female, which has worked rather well for the advancement of the human species above all other species of animals.

        Very, very, very recently the concept of marriage has been expanded to include male‑male and female‑female because a proportionally small number of people are confused about sexual differentiation. They demand that we approve their perversion.

        However, mathematically speaking, peril awaits the people whose culture embraces such confusion. Macroevolution theory and history, both support this conclusion.

        • Eric Blair

          Well, isn’t there polygamous marriage in the Bible too? So one man, and one woman.. or one man and many women?

          No one is asking your permission or seeking your approval of “perversion”.

          Now that we allow gay marriage, do you think everyone is going to be confused? Maybe you’re confused, and you’re projecting on the population as a whole.

          What is perverse is calling yourself antityrant while wishing to impose your particular view on others. That, my friend, is tyranny.

          I’m 100% certain that we, humans, will continue to go forth and multiply even with the “confusion” of gay marriage.

          • antityrant

            I am not your friend. I am your foe.

            Furthermore, I am the enemy of everyone who supports the tyrannical kingdom of Judge McShane, where a Judge’s edict circumvents the will of the people, and the democratic process.

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