Poll: Only 31% say Merkley deserves re-election

Dr Monica Wehby_thb

Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate

A poll released this week showed that we are in a neck and neck race with Jeff Merkley. Only 31% of poll respondents said that he deserves re-election. Our positive message is resonating with Oregonians and they are ready for change.

And I think Senator Merkley’s team saw the same poll – the attack ads have already started and we are only 3 weeks into the General Election.  With your financial support, we can combat these personal attacks early and show strength – click here to make a contribution today.

The poll confirmed what we already knew: Senator Merkley is on his heels. A near majority of respondents said that it’s time for a new leader to represent Oregon. With your help, we can make that a reality for not only Oregonians, but we can bring a Republican to the Senate for the entire West Coast.

POLITICO has taken notice of the importance of this race and the chance that we have to beat this Washington insider, saying:

“Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon is neck-and-neck with Republican challenger Monica Wehby, 41 percent to 39 percent, according to a poll conducted by the Tarrance Group for Wehby’s campaign.”

With less than three weeks until the June 30th fundraising deadline, I need your help to continue this momentum.

We are all busy, but I ask you to consider taking 2 minutes and making a donation today by clicking here – $5 to $2,600 – whatever you can afford to keep the heat on Senator Merkely.

We cannot let up, and with your support, we will not let up.  Thank you.


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  • guest

    Merkley’s negative ads signatory of what the National and Oregon’s DNC is air bag full of. Huff and puff, blow the ‘woe-mon’ down, butt don’t look down and see the stuff festooning in their own stockyard!

  • barttels

    Sorry, but what new poll? I don’t see a link to a poll. This reads like a desperate fundraising measure. Wehby was not well-vetted or ready for prime time; neither were her campaign managers. We are giving our money to Dennis Richardson instead. He has at least as good, no doubt better chance; it’s a more important race and he has nothing to apologize for.

    • Frank Common Sense

      If you’re voting for Merkley, say so.

      However, walking over Wehby seems as crass as the anti-Wehby ads approved by Merkley – and, his brand inDEMnified outback at the DNC Bonanza raunch.

      And ‘buy’ the way, if you’re as sick as *hit happens with DNC regularity, we all can agree that Kitzhaber is a quack, yet what about Merkley, a dull wedgie compared to Wehby’s surgical skill toward removing the metastasis’ pervading in the Capitol Hill Operations room?


      • barttels

        I don’t “kapeesh.” I will never vote for Merkeley. I will also not be voting for Wehby, the most pitiful candidate I can remember in a long long time.

        • Frank’s Sonata

          Do you think Conger worthy as a write-in, either for US Senator or Oregon Governor?

          Jason asserts he’s not a RINO yet votes with Dem gizmos like he’s akin to sum-things they’re crazy for.

          • barttels

            Conger doesn’t have a prayer. Do you think Richardson doesn’t either? I admit the odds are long (though I don’t admit they should be).

          • Hasten Jason

            I think Dems not wanting another useless round with Kitz, yet will NOT vote for Richardson should write-in Conger.
            OK, there are Dems seeing that a Ross Perot subversive move, but with Conger verging on changing parties like Wayne Morse – and, if Richardson fails to lead, Conger will have motivation to step forward and leave the ilks of Kate Brown and Tina Kotek high and dry.

  • Jim

    His name should be Malarkey, as he is a dunce, yes man.

  • Bluebaer22

    Jeff Merkley has worked hard the last 6 years for the working poeple of Oregon and the United States. I think he deserves to be re-elected and serve another 6 years to right the wrongs done during the Republican administrations including making bills for our government and marking them as not payable until they were out of office. The Republicans almost doubled the number of people working for the government during the Bush administration 2001-2009. They stomped on women rights and on the rights of everyone for equal treatment. Vote Democrat or independent not Republican!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Is that you Jeff?

      • guest

        No, relatively speaking sounds like a sinister hood with baggage handlers like Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Cynthia McKinney, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and/or her more truthful ‘heir’ apparent, Elizabeth Warren.

        • actionsspeaklouder

          Maybe we can get Warren to scalp Merkley!

          • Wehby can t

            Prithee picture, all d’oh Warren not nearly as more precisely perfect than Malarkey’s opponent in OR.

          • WC fields

            Wehby cantor, Merkley scatter.

          • actionsspeaklouder

            Then wireu a Wehby can t?

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Vote Liar Merkley OUT.

    • .

      And to think Oregonians ‘so wasted’ their votes in balloting Jefferson Malarkey over RINO Smith?

      Fair to question what right minded Dems were thinking, butt michael moore likely what’s left of US they were inhaling.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Could you please take another toke and make yourself “perfectly clear”?

        • E I E I O

          Don’t smoke any dope, direct or second hand, clouds too many mirrors and impairs thought processes.

          So said, agree with your “perfectly clear” determination for Jeff Merkley.

          On the other hand, take it you don’t miss Gordon Smith’s presence, either?

          ‘Occasional Rino’ Smith, at least more fiscally conservative and better for Oregonians than the “What Me Worry wart countenance” of Jeff Merkley, reeling at the sight of Dr. Monica’s scalpel. A lot of Mararkey he is, and better as a Senor Wences than a US Senator.

          • actionsspeaklouder

            S’all right! I loved Senor Wences on Ed Sullivan. Ooops! Dating myself. Merkley is nothing more than a water carrier for Obama’s socialist/Marxist/Fascist agenda. He is a parrot who regurgitates Obama’s talking points and is in lock step with the Liar in Chief. Merkley got caught in a lie and hopefully will suffer the consequences. Plus that, he’s a doo-fus. I have to laugh when he puts on his “good ‘ol boy” flannel shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and goes out an lies to the people. When Wyden is up for reelection, I hope he gets kicked to the curb as well – I don’t think he even lives here in Oregon.

          • E I E I O

            Love ya mon! Thanks for louting Merkley and reminding Oregonians where Wyden really lives in the ‘daze’ of our lives. .

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