Obama announces new cabinet position: Secretary of Scandals

President Obama B_thbby NW Spotlight

The White House announced Friday that President Obama has created a new cabinet position – the Secretary of Scandals.

The President said “We need a way to track all of the scandals coming out of our own administration – the American people deserve no less, and sadly the media isn’t doing its job – they are embarrassed by how they oversold me to the American public and so view every new scandal as further indictment of their judgment. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what the media does for me – I’ve often thought of buying them all cheerleader outfits – but even I recognize that someone needs to be reporting and tracking all of the scandals. Mind you, I’m not advocating that they actually do any INVESTIGATING of my administration – just some basic reporting and tracking.”

Scandals continue to come out at a dizzying pace. On top of all the past scandals, just this year so far there’s been the impotent reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the swap of 5 Taliban leaders for a soldier who went AWOL, the VA scandal, the lost IRS emails, the collapse of Iraq resulting from the premature withdrawal of U.S. troops and the dumping of children at the border crisis (with some immigrant children having to use tin foil for blankets) – to name a few.

President Obama is hopeful the new cabinet position will take some pressure off of his press secretary position. The President said “We’ve been going through press secretaries like Kleenex around here,” adding that “With this new cabinet position, I’m hopeful my press secretary will be able to hold more press conferences that involve elements of truth.”

UPDATE: Good blog from Powerline (6/24/2014) – MEDIA BIAS AND THE OBAMA SCANDALS