Lars Larson: Time to send somebody to jail for IRS scandals


by Lars Larson

It is long past time that somebody in the Obama administration got an outside agency to take a look at these IRS scandals.

There were efforts by the Obama administration to use the IRS to go after Americans in their free speech and political activities.

We all know that it happened. We saw it happening. We saw dozens of conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS, denied their tax-exempt status that they were guaranteed under law, and kept from engaging in the 2012 elections.

The Obama administration now knows about it. The President said he was outraged by what appeared to have been done and he promised to get to the bottom of it. Yet he’s assigned people within his own administration to investigate these misdeeds by his administration!

It’s long past time that we got an outside agency to take a hard look at this and send somebody to jail.

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