Democrat Chuck Lee has re-registered as Independent

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by NW Spotlight

The Salem Statesman Journal ran an article yesterday that mentioned that Chuck Lee was “a member of the Independent Party.” That was surprising, because the last time we checked he was registered as a Democrat, even after announcing back in March that he’d be running in HD25 as an Independent Party member.

We ran a story on March 12, 2014. At that time, Lee’s candidate statement of organization with the Oregon Secretary of State showed his party affiliation was Democrat. We contacted the Secretary of State on March 13, 2014 at 8:30am and found that Chuck Lee’s voter registration was Democrat.

Five minutes later, at 8:35am on March 13, 2014, the Secretary of State received a voter registration change from Chuck Lee – changing his registration from Democrat to Independent. He must have seen our article the day before.

Chuck Lee is running as the Independent Party candidate in Oregon House District 25 against Republican candidate Bill Post.

As we noted back in March, “Chuck Lee was the 2006 Democratic candidate against Rep. Kim Thatcher for HD25. Thatcher won that election.”

2006 Voters' Pamphlet

2006 Voters’ Pamphlet