Who Is Craig Wilhelm?

Craig Wilhelm

Craig Wilhelm

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Wilhelm Claims To “Love Bend” But Fails To Pay Local Taxes On Time, Fails To Vote In Local Elections And Chose To Register His Business In Washington State – Not Oregon

Salem, OR-  Promote Oregon today launched the website, www.WhoisCraigWilhelm.com, to educate Bend voters about the public record of Oregon House District 54 candidate Craig Wilhelm – a record that offers some stark contradictions to his campaign slogan and rhetoric.

Although Mr. Wilhelm claims to “love Bend” in his most recent campaign ad, his local record within the community paints a different picture. According to public records, Mr. Wilhelm failed to pay his local property taxes on time three years in a row and has failed to vote in 38% of local elections, missing important votes involving schools and public safety. He also chose to register his business, RRT American Services, in Washington state – not Oregon.

“If you love Bend, you pay your local taxes on time, you participate in local elections and you register your business in Oregon – not Washington state,” said Promote Oregon spokeswoman Kara Walker. “Actions speak louder than words and there is a clear pattern showing Mr. Wilhelm’s disinterest in following rules and participating in important events within the Bend community. Voters expect more from those who want to represent them in public office.”

The website features details and records verifying that:

  • WILHELM FAILS TO PAY HIS PROPERTY TAXES ON TIME. While seeking – and being denied – an appointment to a vacancy on the Bend City Council, Wilhelm was late in paying his property taxes in 2007, 2008 and again in 2009, and was required to pay $325.44 in penalty interest charges.  (Source: Deschutes County Tax Office, Property Information Database accessed May 13, 2014; Bend Bulletin, January 15, 2009 and Bend City Council Work Session Minutes, January 21, 2009)
  • WILHELM FAILS TO VOTE IN LOCAL ELECTIONS. Even though he was a local Democratic Party leader, Wilhelm didn’t vote in nearly 40% of the local elections held between 2008 and 2013, when voters were deciding issues critical to local schools, public safety, the arts and economic development.  During a debate in August, Wilhelm first denied skipping local elections and then conceded he “should have planned better.” (Source:  Deschutes County Elections office, Craig Allen Wilhelm Voter profile accessed May 8, 2014; Candidate debate Aug. 5, 2014)
  • WILHELM REGISTERS HIS BUSINESS IN WASHINGTON STATE – NOT OREGON.  While Wilhelm has publicly lectured others about locating “their P.O. box to avoid high taxes in California,” his own business, RRT American Services, is registered in Washington state, not Oregon. In fact, a week after declaring himself a candidate for the Oregon House, he renewed the Washington registration.  And Wilhelm is not a member of the Bend Chamber of Commerce. (Sources: Washington Secretary of State Corporations Division, Limited Liability Reinstatement signed by Wilhelm on December 10, 2013; Craig Wilhelm Statement of Economic Interest filed April 17, 2014; CraigWilhelm.com, Issues – Economy, Accessed June 23, 2014)
  • WILHELM HAS A PATTERN OF NOT FOLLOWING RULES. Wilhelm has racked up a dangerous driving record with 10 speeding and other traffic charges, including driving on a suspended license and misdemeanor reckless driving. He even had a bench warrant issued for failing to appear in court. (Source: Court reports in Oklahoma, Virginia; Alabama and Oregon)