Today: last day to register to vote for Nov 4th general election


by NW Spotlight

There are 21 days until the November 4th general election, and Oregonians have until 1 minute before Midnight today to register to vote.

The Oregon Secretary of State 2014 Elections Calendar says for Oct 14th: “Registration cards that are postmarked by this date or submitted online no later than 11:59PM are valid registrations for general election.”

Click here to register to vote online.

If you’re already registered to vote and have moved, click here to update your address so you’ll receive your ballot. You can also use this same link to check your voter registration information and to get a link to voter pamphlet information on your state candidates and ballot measures, as well as a link to ballot drop sites.

  • Mack

    Remember, If you are going to vote twice make sure you have two ballots.

  • Eric Blair

    Speaking of elections, did everyone else see the decision by Richard Posner were he eviscerated the arguments in favor of Voter ID laws (laws he had originally supported)? Essentially, he found that the only reason Voter ID laws are passed is to suppress the vote of legal voters.

    • guest

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  • Royce Cantrell

    I encourage everyone to register – it takes 3 min. Quick. I also encourage you to consider me as your Write In Candidate for Oregon Governor. I’m not affiliated with a party and I don’t accept donations.

    Royce Cantrell for Oregon Governor
    The “Write In” Candidate for You!
    YouTube Video:
    Twitter: Royce Cantrell @roycecantrell14
    Email: [email protected]
    Campaign Headquarters: 541.409.2218 (Issues and Interviews)