Kitzhaber crisis week forecasts ugly 2015

kitzhaber-moneygrab2By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Carbon Tax exposed: The Oregonian Editorial Board called Kitzhaber’s Carbon Tax campaign “Bogus” and proceeded to intellectually tear apart his chief sales promise of saving the state $1.6 billion. Readers can figure it out that enacting a giant new tax will not save anyone a billion — but it was encouraging to see the media expose a whole pyramid scheme of false premises behind another (failed) Governor proposal. Please read this hard-hitting Editorial.

Cylvia Hayes exposed: At the same time, the media unloaded on new emails (painfully delayed) showcasing the unlawful activities of Oregon’s First Lady Sylvia Hayes misusing the Governor’s office for personal gain. The report showed….

Cylvia Hayes used a top Kitzhaber executive aide to book hotels, airplanes, charged $41 breakfast to the State for trips that benefited Hayes’ personal business. The governor’s staff member also drove her Prius to the shop and maintained her calendar for private business activities.
Government employees were used to care for Hayes’ dog and cats. One babysat her dog overnight and made long trips from Salem to Portland.
Haye’s represented the State of Oregon while simultaneously working with three political-policy companies with her business. Those firms paid Hayes $85,000 and were a significant portion of her private business.

Budget critics louder than ever:  Kitzhaber’s budget was met with louder than normal criticism from left-leaning voices this time around. (See Senator Devlin takes issue with Kitzhaber & article on budget disappoints Oregon Education Association). Kitzhaber is known for not working with others and it just might be that this type of reclusive myopic leadership may have run its coarse with others who wish have their voice heard in the process.   Kitzhaber’s reclusive style has allowed him to roll-out big proposals with little criticisms, but now the media is paying more attention than ever before.   The delayed disclosure of the Cylvia Hayes scandal emails to the media until after the election only reinforced that he is hiding things from the media which turned out to be true.   As we walk into 2015 we have people who are tired of being left out and we have a more determined media facing a Governor who is not used to being questioned.  It could be an ugly 2015.

Read long list of Kitzhaber friends who made scandal headlines in past year

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