Early Legislature Turkey Bills

dog-logo-stampBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Below are some early bills that are either turkeys, curiosities or new layers of bureaucracy.

HB 2625Creates crime to park in alternative fuel parking spot.  While some parking fines are $20 this one hits $250.
Hb 2641A crime to chase an animal?  New laws regarding animal as prizes which include forbid chasing of animals.  Penalties as high as $2,500.
HB 2762Ban on certain foam plates in school lunches
SB 99 – Abolishes Daylight Savings Time
HB 2728Creates new government bureaucracy of a 21 member “Oregon Talent Council” & new government fund to help economic development in Oregon.   Bill forbids duplication of existing government services like say…. the existing $450 million Business Development Department & their 135 employees.


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  • Bob Clark

    Good thing my dog died. I use to chase him a lot as he imitated being an animal, and wouldn’t seem to drop the ball when I commanded him to.

    It’s ok for a wild animal to chase us humans. In fact, the state encourages you to replicate the natural state of things where you get eaten by a grizzly, wolf pact, or Cougar. Call it animal retribution.

    Class warfare. It’s not just for humans anymore.

    • Eric Blair

      So just how many Grizzly bears and wolf packs are there in Oregon?

      And… how many Grizzly bears, wolf packs, and cougars are given as prizes? I can’t imagine very many.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Apart from daylight time, which I would like to see go away, the rest is all nonsense and just another money grab from government.

  • Granola girl

    I can count on two hands the amount of times I have seen an electric car using the charging stations at Tigard Fred Meyer. I park my Suburban in them…that’s how I roll….

    • Eric Blair

      Ahhh! No respect for the private property of others.

      • Granola girl

        If there’s going to be discrimination than no. They took away parking for the handicapped, to put in spots that no one uses. Someone might as well use them, and there’s still spots open.

  • Mort

    Daylight “savings” is such a stupid, idiotic, senseless fool’s errand. It needs to go. What a bunch of stupid morons.

    • Logan’s Runhaber

      Indeed archaic, seems Carousel eligible.

  • guest

    I support any bill to get rid of daylight savings time.

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