Lars Larson: Cylvia Hayes profiting from ‘low carbon fuel’ pillow talk


by Lars Larson

We all heard a lot about Cylvia Hayes, the girlfriend of Governor John Kitzhaber, who scored more than 80 thousand dollars in consulting contracts, by using her position as a so-called energy advisor to the governor. In fact, we heard about most of the story before Oregon voters re-elected Kitzhaber to another term in office.

But now the Portland Tribune is reporting that Hayes did even better than that. She received two contracts worth more than a hundred thousand dollars from a Washington D.C. energy foundation pushing a low carbon fuel standard.

Funny thing, Governor Kitzhaber is also pushing a low carbon fuel standard…meaning high taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel to bring in as much as a billion dollars in taxes to government and discourage people like you and me from using carbon based fuels.

Oregon law makes it illegal for public officials like Hayes and Kitzhaber to use their offices to obtain personal benefits. News broke about two weeks ago that the FBI is investigating Hayes. The Tribune story says the foundation that paid Hayes won’t say exactly what she did for a six figure paycheck. I think it’s safe to figure it paid for some very pricey pillow talk.

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