Update on the Petition Requesting President Obama Resign

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

A month ago we started a petition drive requesting President Barack Obama to resign as being unfit for the office of President of the United States. At that time we promised to provide the results of our efforts.

In a nutshell it was an abject failure. As of January 29, 2015, we had gathered only 73 signatures.

Let me explain. We* chose to utilize a website created by Mr. Obama’s White House on the pretext of providing an open and transparent administration. When the website was initiated in September of 2011, the threshold number of signatures required was 5,000 in thirty days. Because small groups were having success in mobilizing the requisite number of signatures, Mr. Obama immediately raised the threshold to 25,000 in October of 2011. In January of 2013 Mr. Obama raised the threshold to 100,000 signatures virtually ensuring that only nationwide organizations with substantial email lists, professional staff and access to the new digital worlds would be able to utilize the website.

Think about that. In order to use the We the People White House website, you must generate 100,000 supporting signatures – that is about 3400 signatures per day for thirty days. Do you know 3400 people? Of course not. Do you know 3400 people today and another new 3400 people tomorrow and then another new 3400 each day for the next four weeks? Don’t be ridiculous.

We were fully cognizant of the massive and practically unattainable requirement when we began. However, there is always a chance when using the internet that a matter goes viral and publicity and support become spontaneous. However, the odds of that happening are much like winning the lottery. And so, like the consistent lottery losers, the knowledge that winning was highly unlikely did not deter us.

We knew that there were people we have never met and did not know that read my column on OregonCatalyst. We know that there are any number of those readers who forward particular columns from OregonCatalyst on to others. (We have no way to know in advance which columns they might forward or to how many people.) We do know that there are other political websites that review articles from OregonCatalyst and reprint them with appropriate attribution. We also know that we have private email lists of people who may or may not read OregonCatalyst daily but who have requested copies of our writings. We have been told by many of those private readers that they routinely forward those writings to others – sometimes many others. It is those secondary and tertiary distributions that gave rise to our hope that our petition might go viral.

But it didn’t go viral. In fact we did not even come close to capturing a majority of those who are recipients from our private email lists. And that did surprise us.

In quite a few instances we received responses that people, including those who received the column directly and those who were secondary recipients, were afraid to sign the petition for fear of reprisals from Mr. Obama’s administration. That fear was compounded by the fact that we were using a White House website and that they had to provide their email addresses as a means of verifying their signatures. One of my favorite people acknowledged that she had already been audited twice by the Internal Revenue Service since Mr. Obama became president and that her signature was likely to result in a third audit but she signed it anyway – along with a note back saying that many of those she forwarded it to would not sign for fear of reprisals.

I’m not going to kid you or myself that, absent this fear of reprisals by Mr. Obama’s administration, it would have resulted in an overwhelming success. Because it did not go viral, there was no chance it would succeed. However, the fact that people were afraid to sign a petition critical of Mr. Obama means that his administration succeeded in creating the very “chilling” of free speech that they intended to do when they sent the Internal Revenue Service after conservative groups during Mr. Obama’s first term. That is a sad commentary on the state of politics in America today and an even sadder commentary on the supposed stalwarts of “free speech” – the mainstream media – who have ignored Mr. Obama’s manipulation of government as a minor annoyance rather than a purposeful intent to limit legitimate opposition.

In the end we failed. But in the meantime – in a single month – the activities of Mr. Obama have caused more and more people – Republicans and Democrats alike – to speak of the troubling aspect of Mr. Obama’s insistence on portraying a world that exists only in his own mind and ignoring the reality that confronts him and the nation. The painful parsing of words by administration spokesmen recently is reminiscent of the Groucho Marx quote: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” And while Mr. Marx is hilarious, Mr. Obama is troubling.


*That is not the royal “we” but simply reflects that this was a joint effort with another blogger.

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  • Maximus Prime

    I think America has Obama fatigue. Burned out by the latest news. They just want it over.

  • Bob Clark

    Larry, I didn’t sign partly because it is largely useless, partly because of reprisal risk, and also because my next door neighbors (black “sisters,” and the salt of the earth as far as I am concerned) are proud of having “one of their own” in the White House. I am not going to rain on their parade when this attempt is largely cosmetic, the U.S Congress has put some degree of check on Obummer’s poor governance, and there is less than two years to go (and impeachment would take a big chunk of this remaining time).

    The U.S economy is showing some signs of progress even though the U.S. Federal Reserve is talking of tightening monetary policy a bit and even though ‘sequester’ has been in place for a couple of years now and the federal deficit itself has shrank. I think it is because of the 2010 Tea Party taking the U.S House and stopping a lot of the huge swing left which probably would have occurred without this U.S House change.

  • Eric Blair

    Larry is off the rails. I don’t even know where to start.

    The petition failed because it was silly. Not that silly stops conservatives in this country anymore, but this time it did.

    • .

      Pullover monsewer!

    • guest

      Eric, whether you believe it or not, the Obamanation has committed more chagrins than any previous administration – and, that is saying a lot…measured from the ‘Jumbo’ Johnson administration to the “W” fiscal liberal aggregation.
      IMO, Barack Hussein Obama’s entrails should be shoved up the morass of a cleft wing New World Order and summarily schlepped off to a NWO of cesspoolism!

      • Eric Blair

        Probably not nearly as many as Reagan who seemed to have had a lot of people in his administration who had to resign under a cloud. Not that facts matter to the conservatives on this site.

    • Owen Dell

      Look into the mirror to see just who is silly.
      The “O” needs to go! We may not get a much better replacement, but at least, it will be DIFFERENT!

      • Eric Blair

        He will go in January of 2017. But think of it this way, this gives the Republicans more time to gin up more over-blown conspiracies.. much like the one Larry rolled out on here.

  • Jack Lord God

    Here’s what happens if Obama resigns:

    Jar Jar becomes president. Don’t get me wrong, a presidential motorcade featuring a short bus would be funny as hell, but likely not good for the country.

    Obama attains instant martyr status, with the day of his resignation going down in history as one of full employment, terrorism defeated and the deficit virtually eliminated. Any hiccup in the future will be portrayed as being avoidable had Obama remained in office.

    Democrats score a guaranteed win in 2016. Everything sucky in the economy now will all of a sudden be Republicans fault.

    Best case scenario? Hillary wins election. Possible scenario? Liz Warren wins election. Either a Warren of Clinton admin would immediately green-light Iran to develop bomb. ISIS consolidates power resulting in mid east hegemony of radical Islam with détente between Iran and ISIS united against their common enemy of post 17th century civilization.

    Obama resigning or being impeached, in short, would be the absolute worst possible outcome for anyone other than the reactionary left. Obama staying in office really would be no big deal if Republicans would grow a pair and do something other than playing defense. Frankly, if they had any brains, which they don’t, Obama could be turned into a huge asset. Look at how far blaming Bush for everything got the Democrats if you don’t believe me.

    Get it through your head, nobody who supports Obama is capable of being at all critical of even his most flagrant mistakes. You think Obama resigning would change that? Not on your life.

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