Willamette Week updates today on the Kitzhaber-Hayes scandal

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by NW Spotlight

Nigel Jaquiss: Relying On An Old Man’s Money
Gold-digging – Before she started dating John Kitzhaber, Hayes got nearly $40K from a former PSU professor 46 years older than her

Nigel Jaquiss: What He Left Behind
More Kitzhaber-Hayes emails reveal extent of Cylvia Hayes drive for income & publicity and Kitzhaber’s staff’s discomfort with her crossing state ethics laws

Nigel Jaquiss: Hit the Delete Button
Kitzhaber staff DID seek to delete emails that were part of the public record; explanations given last week were not true

Beth Slovic: Ringing the Truth
Getting married will not protect Kitzhaber & Hayes from testifying against each other, and Oregon has no common-law marriage