Head of Oregon Ed Dept OKs teen ‘pony play’ fetish sex-ed

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Portland, OR – KOIN TV on Tuesday did a follow-up story on their November 18, 2014, investigative report that exposed shocking details about the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held in Seaside, Oregon.

Since the November 2014 report, the head of the Oregon Department of Education sent a letter in December 2014 to Oregon school superintendents that claimed “the content delivered by the presenters at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference was appropriate.”

KOIN literally had to chase down Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Rob Saxton in the state Capitol building to confront him about that. Some of the conference content deemed “appropriate” included teaching students to use interactive adult porn sites where they can act out a “pony play” fetish.

The Dept of Education did admit that some of the sex conference pamphlets were “not appropriate for school age students.” One of those pamphlets promoted the use of meth, as KOIN reported back in November 2014.

Regardless, Saxton also stated in his December 2014 letter that, “We intend to continue participating in the conference planning with an Oregon Department of Education staff member on the planning committee along with committee members from Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority and non-profit organizations.”

For more information, please visit ParentsRightsinEd.net

NOTE: Although his title has deputy in it, Rob Saxton is actually the “appointed head of the Oregon Department of Education following 2011 legislation that made the Governor the Superintendent of Schools with the authority to appoint a Deputy to run the Department.” Rob Saxton was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction by Governor John Kitzhaber in July of 2012.

UPDATE (4/8/2015): Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton resigns

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  • Bob Clark

    Another of Kitzhaber’s many train wrecks.

  • doris

    at least they are learning something

  • Jack Lord God

    The hilarity of a reporter chasing through the state capital asking about pony play has humor value that makes the expense of the conference seem kind of worth it.

    Maybe it’s hypocritical of me, I mean sure I manufacture the stuff, but I don’t want my taxes going to teachers to sit around and yak about it. But then again, I do think its hilarious to see a reporter chasing through the state capital haranguing some poor guy about the whole thing.

    I feel so conflicted…..vulnerable….sniffle…..

  • Georgie

    I am a teacher and proud of the job we do educating our childrens about sex and drugs and acceptance of others with deviant life styles. We do our best to encourage open exploration of one’s sexuality. And a lot of kids fall in love with ponies, so what’s the big deal?

    • Granola girl

      So you are promoting beastiology? Gee that sounds like a healthy lifestyle choice.

    • ArthurConanDoyle

      Is this a joke, Georgie?

      I hope so for your students’ sake.

      • Eric Blair

        Yeah.. Georgie isn’t a real teacher. I can’t decide if conservatives can’t figure out that this is the same person that posts as Sally, etc.., or you just decide to play along

        And for the love of God, Pony Play is not beastiology nor is it beastiality.

        And.. the headline is straight out of yellow journalism. Saxton did not “OK” Pony-play sex-ed. He may have approved of sending teachers, etc.., to a conference that included pony-play sex ed… but that is not the same thing.

        • ArthurConanDoyle

          >>”approved of sending teachers, etc.., to a conference that included pony-play sex ed..”

          That’s kind of disturbing also.

    • Dan Guiana

      you’re a pedophile and should be nowhere near kids

    • Proudunionhealthteacher

      How unfortunate that the education of our children and the seriousness of the subject matter brings out JERKS like Georgia. Of course this is not a real teacher. Just some dingleberry trying and failing at being cute or funny. I have actually been to this conference twice. I didn’t go last year but went the two previous years. I can tell you several things from actual experience, which I believe, I’m the only one who has actually been there of all those who have made comments. 1-this conference is run from a grant and tax dollars are not spent. 2-Kitzaber has/had nothing to do with it either did the DOE. Brad ±Victor retired in 2012 from ODE and is only 1 of 12 board of directors. He is not the ‘Director’. If you attend the conference you will find it is targeted to 6-10th grade health teaches (which is State Mandated), but also a wide variety of health care professionals who deal with a wide variety of young adults including homeless/drug addicted young adults (16-22 year olds). As a middle school health teacher I often choose sessions that are appropriate to my needs for professional developement, and ignor those sessions that are aimned at those who work with a much different client. I am offended that the one avenue that I have for professional developement on a subject that by law I am required to teach, has been twisted out of proportion by a small group of parents who have motives of their own. I’m furious at dedicating 25+ years educating YOUR children to be called a pedophile for attending a conference. The mis-information by KOIN is jaw dropping. The lack of knowledge shown by those who want to comment on things that they have no personal knowledge of is mind boggeling. I would wager to say none of the OC faithfull have any idea how much teen pregnancy/teen std’s have declined in large part due to the work of educators (public and PRIVATE, yes private christian schools send their teacher’s to this conference!)

      • redbean

        If this is a conference for teachers and adults who work with at-risk youth, why are students attending? The fact it is funded through grant money is irrelevant. Even if the grant money only pays for transportation, the students are excused from school for the day because they are participating in an “official” event. This PRIVATE organization should make its services available to parents, who are the ultimate decision makers about their children’s education. School districts should not be involved in sexuality education because there are many viewpoints about what constitutes healthy sexuality – the biology of reproduction is something we can all agree on, so that is the limit of government’s involvement. Anything more is favoring the views of one group over others. So far, none of the materials “exposed” in the news reports appear adequate to assist young people to grow into emotionally mature adults, ready for healthy, lifelong commitment.

        • Proudunionhealthteacher

          Conference is open to parents, teachers and students accompanied by parents or with parent permission if they are old enough. Most of the students who attend are actually presenters for some of the workshops. I’ve gone to this for 2 years (not last year but the 2 prior) and have seen only 11th-12th grade level kids. My, and most schools, hold a parent night each year to go over the exact curriculum during this unit in Health. I’ve never had a parent opt their kid out of the unit but I get 1 or 2 a year who opt their student out of the one day that we cover birth control. Those students go to the library for that day and do an alternate activity. If you took the time to go to one of these parent nights at your local school or just ask your district for their curriculum, I think most people would be surprised at how tame the curriculum is. Most of the unit is around goal setting (how would an unplanned pregnancy change your ability to reach your goals), recognizing healthy v unhealthy relationships, role playing peer pressure situations, etc. The most controversial issues are one day of STD information and one day on birth control. That is for 8th grade health.

          • redbean

            Thank you for explaining how health education works in your class and in your school. My concern is that parents may be unaware that the Seaside conference is very different than what their students are used to hearing in school. I believe in full disclosure. Perhaps the private sponsors of the Seaside conference should create a full-color brochure detailing the topics and materials to be presented. Only parents who attend an informational meeting would be allowed to give permission for their children to attend. The brochure would be handed to them in a brown paper envelope at the meeting and they wouldn’t be allowed to sign the permission slip until they had viewed the material.

      • Georgie

        What is truly sad is that you seem to be a real teacher.

        • PUHT

          I am a real teacher and I love what I do and I’m proud of what I do. Why would you think that is sad?

          • guest

            PUHT, initially pronounced like a posterior emission; butt in encyclical media terminus, smelling as Porky Union Hype Twittered.

          • IOY

            You make no sense. Are you retarded?

          • guest

            Know, jest regarding you as sum Dem mental midget widget smack dab in a mental farce of turd dropping efficacy, shill grim!

          • I own you

            Ok I’ll say it a little louder and slower. A R E Y O U R E T A R D E D ?

            By the way IOY stands for I own you. As in you make no sense and are too low/slow witted to play in the big leagues. Can’t wait for your unintelligible reply. Is anyone actually supposed to understand your ramblings?

          • Georgie

            There can be no pride for anyone hiding behind the skirts of the teacher union. None.
            What is there to be proud of?
            Beats me.

          • Puht

            So I can’t be proud of the job I do because I’m part of a union? I make a difference. I make a difference in the lives of my students. What do you make? What do you do? How do you serve your community? How have you served your country? I’m sorry for you and your hate, I am sorry for you and your begrudgement of others. I do what I do for my students, not for you. I know what I do makes a difference. I know what you do makes no matter, and I know you could never do what I do no matter how hard you try. Do you even matter? I know I do, and that is enough for me.

  • mcinor

    Wow! The real news here is that a Portland news station finally grew a pair and investigated the local government. This is the 1st time the news crews have challenge the democrat mafia running Portland and the state.

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