Head of Oregon Ed Dept OKs teen ‘pony play’ fetish sex-ed

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by NW Spotlight

Portland, OR – KOIN TV on Tuesday did a follow-up story on their November 18, 2014, investigative report that exposed shocking details about the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held in Seaside, Oregon.

Since the November 2014 report, the head of the Oregon Department of Education sent a letter in December 2014 to Oregon school superintendents that claimed “the content delivered by the presenters at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference was appropriate.”

KOIN literally had to chase down Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Rob Saxton in the state Capitol building to confront him about that. Some of the conference content deemed “appropriate” included teaching students to use interactive adult porn sites where they can act out a “pony play” fetish.

The Dept of Education did admit that some of the sex conference pamphlets were “not appropriate for school age students.” One of those pamphlets promoted the use of meth, as KOIN reported back in November 2014.

Regardless, Saxton also stated in his December 2014 letter that, “We intend to continue participating in the conference planning with an Oregon Department of Education staff member on the planning committee along with committee members from Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority and non-profit organizations.”

For more information, please visit ParentsRightsinEd.net

NOTE: Although his title has deputy in it, Rob Saxton is actually the “appointed head of the Oregon Department of Education following 2011 legislation that made the Governor the Superintendent of Schools with the authority to appoint a Deputy to run the Department.” Rob Saxton was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction by Governor John Kitzhaber in July of 2012.

UPDATE (4/8/2015): Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton resigns