Will Oregon be in play for the presidential election?

by NW Spotlight

KGW interviewed Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley this week after President Obama stopped by Portland on his West Coast ATM tour – with Obama hitting up cities like Portland for $500-$30,000 a plate while cancelling his grass roots rally. I want your cash, but I’d really rather not actually meet with the riff raff…

Allen Alley told KGW he believes Oregon and its seven electoral votes could send Mitt Romney to the White House in November. Obama’s 2008 lead in Oregon has dwindled – KGW quoted Allen Alley “While Obama carried with Oregon with a 16 percent margin in 2008, Alley said some polls show the margin has dwindled to single digits.”

Alley’s assessment is right in line with an analysis in the Huffington Post earlier this month done by Derrick Kitts, a Republican former state representative from Hillsboro and former House Majority Whip. Kitts wrote “Oregon is the sleeper state up for grabs in 2012. The president’s numbers are below 50% in a state he won by 17% in 2008. For these reasons, Oregon will prove to be the decider of the 2012 presidential election.” Kitts now works for MSNBC.

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  • Mike

    Wow. Oregon actually mattering? Crazy times for sure.

  • 2old4that

    I do believed Mr. Alley was right ! Then that fateful day of June 23rd when Allen Alley showed the people of Oregon what the ORP and the RNC really has become! Mr Alley should be ashamed of him self and resign for the good of Oregon ! Show some Honor and let the duly elected alternate delegates go to Tampa and REMOVE the Cronies he appointed and apologize to the PCP’s and the District Chairs of each County!!!

    • MCR

      You do realize that the term “duly elected” is a canard at best and only serves to distract and perpetuate a myth about the 23 June convention, don’t you? You do realize that this is not the proper forum to continue to raise that issue, don’t you? The central committee will have plenty of opportunity to address any concerns no later than our organizational meeting next January.

      • 2old4that

        MCR: Well I see you have been able to use 3 rules of Saul Alinsky in your statement ! The truth will set you free,now go seek it about the CD conventions! I will not try to limit your 1st amendment right to post in any forum you chose! I will do everything in my power to expose each and everyone who were and are a part in the lie of June 23rd ! I’m sure I will see you in January and know I will have a VOTE !

      • 2old4that

        Just to be fair to the readers of your post. They should start here: https://www.ordelegates2012.org/

  • If Oregon is competitive in the presidential race, why aren’t the campaigns or super PACs spending money here? How many presidential commercials have you seen while watching the Olympics? Republicans in Oregon would be smarter to focus on campaigns for the state and local offices that are actually winnable.

  • valley person

    If Oregon ends up truly in play it means Obama will be losing badly. Possible, but not at all likely.

  • Jim Handson

    Makes me wounder if Mitt could win Oregon ! Do you think Allen Alley
    will win his chairmanship of the ORP next year ?
    Guess that will depend on how pissed off the people of Oregon are after Allen, what I believed he did at the CD conventionS cheated ,lied,so he could hand pick his stooges ! Read this : https://freesocietyoregon.wordpress.com/

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