Parents demand answers from Head of Oregon Ed Dept Rob Saxton

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Parents Rights in Education

Parents’ Rights in Education (PRIE), a grassroots organization advocating for parents’ rights to guide the education of their children, recently sent a letter directed to Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton in response to a  February 17, 2015 KOIN 6 Investigative Report.

During this report, Saxton was asked about events that occurred at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held in Seaside. He said, “I don’t believe there was anyone who took anyone to a cybersex site in the story you’re talking about,” he said. “I think you have some audio that doesn’t show that. I think what you have is a presenter who is saying here are some negative websites that you wouldn’t want your child to go to.”

PRIE sent a number of attendees to the 2014 ASC. They have hard copy evidence and first-hand experiences on which to base their conclusions that minors were exposed to pornographic and sexually explicit content. Clearly, Saxton received misinformation and came to an erroneous conclusion regarding the 2014 ASC.

With less than 7 weeks away before the 2015 Adolescent Sexuality Conference, PRIE asked Saxton for the Oregon Department of Education’ procedural details being used to determine if upcoming conference presenters and materials will be “age appropriate”, “research based”, “medically accurate” and exhibit “best practices,” as required by Oregon’s K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education statute.

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  • Eric Blair

    Well, the conference embodies of parent’s rights since students who attend, under the age of 18, must have signed permission from their parents. This is not a required conference for all students. I think that makes all the difference in the world.

    • guess who

      I an not able to read in this post anyone asking for you thoughts. But every one is entitled to an opinion. Because the conference did not state that age appropriate as in adult only material would be presented the parents should be assured at no time will this happen again.

      • Eric Blair

        LOL.. I don’t remember reading anywhere in this post. or any other post, asking for anyone’s thoughts. However, I suspect there is a blanket invitation since the comments weren’t closed.

        Again, attendance was purely voluntary. I don’t see the problem.

        Were your thoughts invited? If not, as I suspect they weren’t, what an odd thing to say. Evidently you feel encouraged to comment without an invitation… is there a reason for the hypocrisy?

        • guest

          Dumb you, dumb ewe, your ram rod slips out from your slip shod post, monsieur Mortimer Wired.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Sexuality has no place being taught in schools period. This is the responsibility of the parents. Sadly, far too many parents, maybe most, have given over the responsibility of ALL aspects of “education” to these so-called educators. Not only are the kids not taught the basics anymore, now they are being taught porn as normal for sex ed. If you want your kids educated right, make some sacrifices, and homeschool them.

  • Bob Clark

    Geez, I know I want these jokers dictating the raising of children from birth through college, relegating parents to the back seat. Not. Even if parents give the ok, this shouldn’t mean public schools should be firing up the the already heightened hormones of teenagers. It is apparent Saxton didn’t have much of a clue like many other administrators in our public school monopoly.

    Time for Saxton to go. Accountability.

  • True that

    Guess what. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid. PRIE has an agenda, if you are too stupid to see it then you deserve what you get. I’m tired of trying to explain to a bunch of idiots what is totally screwed up with the “reporting ” of this whole story. Can someone; anyone, please explain to me why Saxton is even part of this story? He works for the state, and the state of Oregon (and it’s tax monies) have nothing to do with this conference. Tax funds don’t fund it! The state, governor, who ever has nothing to do with it. This is a totally privately funded, organized event. Do any of you fools actually believe Middle/High health teachers are teaching what PRIE wants you to believe they are teaching? This whole story is a perfect example of why NOBODY should believe what they get from the news.

    • redbean

      The problem is that this private organization gets to use the apparatus of the State to market its private agenda.

      • True that

        How? How is the “apparatus” of the state being “used”? The Oregon Department of Ed does set some standards as to ‘what’ has to be taught by law. Of course ‘by law’ is what the Oregon legislature decides what is law. So as a middle school health teacher, there are something’s that I have to teach to meet the state standards. That has nothing to do with a privately funded conference. This is a whole lot of crud wrapped up in a crud taco. There is NO connection between the State and this conference, sorry.

        • redbean

          No connection? Conference sponsors include the Oregon Health Authority. State and federal funds provide support as well.

          Aren’t the teachers who attend paid for their time with public funds?

          Aren’t most of the students who attend found by marketing to the large captive audience found in public schools? From the KOIN report back in November, linked from above: “While most school districts are not sending students this year, registration forms and flyers for the conference are showing up at the some of the 68 school-based health centers throughout the state.”

          I call that free advertising for WISE, a private organization funded by private foundations.

          • True that

            As someone who has actually attended the conference (twice) I think I know a little about the process no matter what KOIN lies about. My travel, my hotel, my gasoline and the cost of my sub were all paid for by a WISE (private) grant. “Sponsored ” by doesn’t mean paid for. You assume that is does but your wrong. KOIN was issued a statement by the ODE which clearly stated the facts around ODE’s involvement with the conference but KOIN continued to make false reports. I know this because I got the same notification KOIN did. Interesting how they continued to report information that contradicts the official statement from the ODE. Maybe this story “sells” for them and facts be darned. I know one thing, I personally no longer trust KOIN news. I was on Lars show one day when he tried to spin this story. I corrected his misunderstanding about the involvement of the state. I even sent him the same press release from the ODE and a copy of the itinerary of the conference. Guess what he did with that information? Continued in subsequent shows to lie about the facts. I have personal knowledge that Lars Larson lies. I bet those shows got great ratings though. I now understand the term lame stream media. Misinformation isn’t left or right, its whatever sells. Believe what you want, I’ve learne I can’t fix stupid.

        • redbean

          Meeting the state standards can be done in many different ways using all kinds of materials.

          According to KOIN, 10 of 16 school districts sending students to the conference were “unaware that this material was being taught.” The Newberg superintendent said it was a “far cry” from what they were told would be taught at the conference.

          As one concerned parent noted in KOIN’s report, if this were an adult sex conference, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    • thevillageidiot

      The event is sponsored by the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force. under the Oregon health authority funded by the state of oregon. so what part of this organization is private?

      • redbean

        The conference is put on by WISE. From KOIN’s November report: “WISE Funder Collaborative – Led by the Grove Foundation, the WISE initiative is supported by a collaboration of funders including the Ford,William and Flora Hewlett, and David and Lucile Packard Foundations. All funding partners aim to strengthen sexual and reproductive health and support comprehensive sex education to this end.”

        Oregon ties to be sure, but private. Everyone can support such their general statement of purpose. The problem is in the materials and speakers presented, which parents are not made aware of when they sign the permission slip.

      • True that

        Define “sponsored by” please? In this instance it means “coordinated with” not “paid” for. “Sponsored” can also mean “supported by”. You make a false assumption that it means paid for. Sorry for you but you’re wrong.

  • Jessie

    I sent my daughter, Shinaya, to this conference and she is only 17, as no single person there ever checked. She had a blast. She said she learned a lot of new ways to please not only herself, but her boyfriend and her pony!
    These conferences are good in that they open the closed minds of prude right wing freaks who only think missionary style sex is right and proper.
    I will send my son next year, as he turns 16 by then and should be ready for the truth about the birds, the bees, and the trees.

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