Really good KATU update on Kitzhaber scandal

by NW Spotlight

Earlier this week KATU’s ‘Your Voice, Your Vote’ ran a segment titled ‘The Kitzhaber saga continues.’ Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss and KATU’s Hillary Lake talked about “the lawsuits surrounding Oregon’s failed Cover Oregon, those personal emails Kitzhaber’s office asked to be deleted from state servers and the investigations into him and his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes.”


  • guest

    Willamette Week’s star reporter, Nigel Jaquiss, in line for another Pulitzer Prize.“`Neither red nor blue, but combined worthy of a purple trident sceptre.“`Thank goodness he’s here and long may he thrive, a tried and true Oregonian in utmost terms. I/we salute and thank your, Sir Nigel.

    • to all

      you for your service , Sir Nigel.

  • KJ Hinton

    Nigel’s work is brilliant. Another Pulitzer would be altogether fitting.