Gov. Kate Brown spurns bipartisanship, sacrifices road funding

Jeff Kruse

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

This week, Gov. Kate Brown signed one of her first bills into law. I, along with many of my colleagues, called upon the governor to veto that bill and send it back to the Legislature because we don’t know the extent of the negative consequences of SB 324. She chose to sign the bill anyway, closing the door on her first opportunity as governor to show pragmatic leadership and restore faith in our state government.

SB 324, known as the low carbon fuel standard, was the wrong bill at the wrong time. As gas prices spike, the Legislature should not be responsible for a guaranteed price increase for Oregonians at the pump, the amount of which even proponents of the bill admit is unknown. Oregon has long been a leader in carbon reduction and pioneering environmental policies, but we cannot abide laws that sacrifice our small businesses and working families in their wake.

Ultimately, this is a matter of priorities. We need a transportation package that strengthens our infrastructure and grows our economy. Instead, legislative leaders chose to prioritize a partisan, divisive bill with little to no benefit for Oregonians or the environment at the expense of a bipartisan transportation package. By signing SB 324, the governor killed the possibility of a meaningful, productive bipartisan conversation about how we fix Oregon’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. It would be fiscally irresponsible to support a gas tax to fund transportation when we do not yet know the effect SB 324 will have on gas prices. Oregonians cannot afford to pay more at the pump.

Sadly, Oregonians did not have the chance to voice their concerns and decide if this is the right policy for their families and small businesses. By placing an emergency clause on the bill, Democrat legislators stole the opportunity for Oregon voters to refer it to the ballot. The way SB 324 was strong-armed through the legislative process at a politically sensitive time is disrespectful to Oregonians, and Gov. Brown passed up the opportunity to stop this policy in its tracks and restore accountability and transparency to the legislative process.

We need a transportation package. Now that SB 324 is law, I hope Democrats have a plan B to fund improvements to our transportation infrastructure without sticking Oregonians with a bill they cannot afford. Gov. Brown should have hit the “reset button” to restore accountability and transparency to the legislative process.

NOTE: Newspapers across Oregon warned against the passage of SB 324 (Low Carbon Fuel Standard)

  • Different Hack, same outcome. No surprise, there. If anything, Brown is even more socialistic and regimented.

    • Larry George

      If you believe there will be ANY bipartisanship in the Oregon legislature now, then you believe the IRS just contacts you to help you.

      • Dave Lister

        I think there is a silver lining. I think they are going to overreach so badly in this session, despite cautions from Courtney, that Oregonians are going to send them packing for a generation. Just wait until people watch their gas prices spike while the Bri and Chablis crowd stand around at parties talking about how great it is to be saving the planet. The left coast is one of the last holdouts for the eco-fascists. Just consider the national elections last November. The rest of the country has rejected the watermelon greens. We will shortly too, I think.

  • guest

    ‘Step-Governess’ Brown seems unwilling to change course toward what’s right.

    Albeit ‘wince’ 1987, the State Capitol wheelhouse has been ‘captain-vated’ by left wing PERSers Hallo… butt NOT real navigators like Tom McCall, et al.

    Now adhere this; Attention GOP, Independent and conscionable Dems:
    Post time for a course change away from the not so nice burgers (setting in schlepping lanes) beset with DNC genitalia – hitherto, hand over real common sense back to where the louse hostel can grasp reality and die dee die dye, moist assuredly in Mars c’nal.

    • Erotica Blair

      Oh please… you would hate Tom McCall if he were in office today. You’d be complaining about him the same way you complain about Jason Conger. Do you really think you’re that opaque?

      • guest

        McCall remains a hero.“`Conversationally, Conger, sic, [RINO] ought ride upon a Wayne Morse to Bradbury Cross, with rings in his knows and bar belles at his codpiece, dotty gov Brown might consider his distraction no mere threat to her ad hoc Ms Administration.

  • Erotica Blair

    “She chose to sign the bill anyway, closing the door on her first opportunity as governor to show pragmatic leadership and restore faith in our state government.’

    What? You mean, she thought you were wrong and signed it anyway? LOL.. I think if you want more vetoes of bills like SB 324 you’re going to have to have an R after the Governor’s name.

    I wonder, if Oregons wanted more bipartisanship, do you think they would have handed such large majorities to the Democrats? Don’t get me wrong, I think bipartisanship can be a good thing… but I suspect we’ll hear more and more about bipartisanship from the Republicans now that their numbers have been reduced in the Senate and the House.

    • guest

      O-o-o you’re so consummately Divine Missy Four Weddings and a ‘Fess All.

  • HBguy

    Unfortunately, the only alternative the Republicans offered was from some House members who proposer taking funding from energy conservation programs and funnel it to our three major universities for research. This could have had the affect of creating even higher levels of energy use and carbon releases.
    Not much bi-partisanship there. It appears like its more gamesmanship.
    Looking forward The OR GOP may not even be able to use passage of this questionable bill in 2016. How does a moderate independent voter take a GOP climate skeptic candidate seriously on climate change legislation?
    One more problem that the slide to the right has caused for the Oregon Republican Party.

  • Larry George

    Did anybody have any doubts about Kate Brown’s partisanship? She’s farther left than Lenin in her political beliefs.

    • Erotica Blair

      If only.

  • HBguy

    I suggest that if the Republicans would like some bi partisanship that they win a majority of seats in the house, or the senate, or take the Governors office.
    Unfortunately the apparent GOP strategy is to whine about how people don’t see things their way and condemn voters for their ignorance.