Mailer hits Rep. Gomberg on Low Carbon vote (gas tax)

By Political Update,

A mailing was sent into State Representative’s David Gomberg’s district over the SB 324 Low Carbon Standard (hidden gas tax) bill.  The mailing was put out by Session Watch. The mailing emphasizes how the SB 324 Low Carbon bill will increase gas costs which will impact people’s grocery bills and local goods.   The mailer also points out that the bill does nothing to help climate change.  SB 324 low carbon bill has been controversial for its widespread newspaper editorial opposition and for the links to the governor scandal. (click image for larger view)



  • nobody

    as long as we feel good about it cost is no object. Don’t care what the cost to my constituents is I already have PERS and my constituents are happy to pay it.

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      Numbuddy-nobody, go soak your hearse in the Mindanao Trench.

  • Granola girl

    I believe this flier should be mass produced and sent out to every Oregonian. It’s entertaining….we certainly don’t want GMO corn crops, but you need the corn for the fuel. Give me a flippin’ break.

  • redbean

    How will I afford the locally grown, organic produce/meats my family prefers, if I have to pay for Big-Ag, GMO, scandal-lovin’ fuel that makes my car’s engine unhealthy to boot?

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  • Scotty

    Here is the deal folks. Any tax will slow things down…it always does. So, if can slow things we can save our mother, the earth, even if just a little bit. Plus, this tax finally soaks the poor people, too, as they have been getting off Scott free for a long, long time.

    • Reridrect the cuckholds aims

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