Oregon Dem control: Decade of deprioritizing education


Oregon Senate Republicans

“Today I think of our children, I think of the future of this great state. $7.255 billion is not enough. I believe this is not adequate and that we can, and should, do better for our children.” – Senator Jackie Winters (R-Salem)

“We had the chance to really make this a game-changer for our kids and schools. Instead, the party in power played the same game we’ve always seen.” – Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River)

“This budget is not adequate. We are dead last in graduation rate. Dead last. We can do better.” – Senator Fred Girod (R-Stayton)

“$7.255 billion is not enough. And until we get to a budget that is enough, I’m a no vote.” – Senator Bill Hansell (R-Athena)

Dem Control_Decade of Deprioritizing Education

  • Eric Blair

    OK.. now where does the money come from? Do the poor and those with developmental disabilities take it in the neck for the sake of the education budget? I’m guessing that Republicans will still say no to any new or increased taxes. So where do the cuts come from? My guess.. the HHS budget.

    • Hi Eric – the state’s Gen & Lottery funds budget grew $2 billion in the current budget cycle (a significant increase from $14.78 billion to $16.75 billion) and will grow $1.8 billion in the budget cycle starting this summer. No CUTS needed at all to anything. Just looking at how best to allocate revenue INCREASES. No new taxes needed.


      • Eric Blair

        OK, let me rephrase, which programs or departments get less of the pie?

    • thevillageidiot

      So Eric, education funding can be increased and still keep you in the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed. obviously an increase in taxes does not affect your lifestyle. but not to worry the taxes will increase anyway.

      • guest

        What flows sic, [often] from Eric Blairingtongue, a soup du jour -knot in credence, chicken, butt Michael Moorelike red herringbone.

      • Eric Blair

        LOL.. and what lifestyle would that be? You know what they say about people who assume 😉

  • joyaljohn

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  • Jonathan

    This is very interesting, the shift in priorities away from education. It would be interesting to hear an explanation from the Democrats of why it happened. A good issue for the Republicans maybe.