Rep. Weidner: “Win-Win” paid sick bill

weidnerwinwinState Representative Jim Weidner offers alternative to Paid Sick Leave Mandate
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

Rep. Jim Weidner is offering an alternative to the Paid Sick Leave Mandate (Senate Bill 454). Weidner’s plan would work like an HSA fund. Workers, not employers, would pay into the fund, and they could use it to cover sick days as needed.  “Since the funds would belong solely to the employees, they would be more likely to use the monies wisely,” said Weidner’s Chief of Staff, Jameson Gideon.

SB 454 requires all Oregon employers with at least six workers to provide five days of paid sick leave. Workers would earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours of work. They could use up to 5 paid sick days a year; unused days would carry over to the next year; max total of sick days accrued would be 10. Workers could use sick days to care for family members or themselves. The Oregon Chamber of Commerce states, “The small business community, particularly in rural Oregon, cannot sustain the cost of a paid sick leave mandate without further compromising our rural job base.”

Weidner’s plan would take the financial burden off the employer and would allow employees the opportunity to provide for their own paid sick leave.   Supporters of the current plan are resistant to such changes and still claim that requiring a business to pay 7-days of sick leave would cost small businesses basically nothing because of the savings of making sure ill employees remain at home.

SB 454 here. Weidner’s amendments not added.

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  • Bob Clark

    Employees being forced to pay for sick leave still may end up being paid indirectly by employers. The populist groups want these intrusions into free markets, and some politicians are quick to jump on this parade while others must reluctantly go along.

    Smarter and caring politicians would work loopholes into the legislation to allow themselves to talk up their populist creds while actually diluting their actual interference of otherwise free and economically dynamic markets.

    • Eric Blair

      In short smarter and caring politicians would deliberately mislead? What part of that is caring, Bob? I’m not so worried about a Soviet style government being established here, as you are. But I am worried that there are too many who think like you who have no sense of honor or decency. That is the real threat to our democracy.

      • “Caring” politicians do employees no favors by misleading them into believing that they can get something for free by mandating employer-paid sick leave.

        • .

          Amen and omen.

        • Eric Blair

          LOL, you’re funny. I’m not at all sure how that is any worse than believing in the magical “free market”. Talk about a secular religion.

          Employees don’t get something for free, by the way, they get things for the work they perform. I know that you and many other talk about “living

          • guest

            ‘FLEE elsewhere IS A VERY GOOD PRICE, one you should take to reset your sass in sum left wing blingom… t’wit you bond or bong on, Michael Mooreby, ewe (IMO) nitwit-demwit in nonsense. .

  • CherryAnn1000

    Now this is a workable idea that won’t put more small businesses out of business. Kudos to this man for the idea; now we need to convince all the nitwit Dims in the legislature that this is a better plan. Think it’ll take? Probably not.

  • Moe

    Sometimes I am not feeling so great so I just stay home. Why shouldn’t I be paid for that? I can’t afford to run out of money, but if I don’t feel like working, I need a break and I will take it. I usually do this a couple times a month, but always on a Friday as not much gets done on a Friday, so I figure they won’t miss me that much. If I lose my pay every time I need a break then I will have to find another job from someone who cares about the little people, like me. I am sick of this bickering and name calling. It is just a few dozen times in the whole year that I need these days – so pay me and let’s just all get along. I promise to work twice as hard on Monday (if I decide to come in).

    • .

      Sighed on buy “Moe-Chowda infused with lots of MJ to peon gullible jackasses.

  • w.fecht

    Why does there have to be a political solution to every problem? Saving for a rainy day should be the prudent thing at all times. It will rain. The HSA is just another political solution. all the political solutions assume that the employer is nothing but greedy working his slaves until they drop.
    There is no such thing as a smarter and caring politician. They only think of how to buy votes for the next election.
    as a self employed person I have a savings for “sick Leave” and nobody pays me for it and nobody has created an HSA for it. I don’t work I don’t get paid. That is part of a a free market.

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