Large set of Cylvia Hayes emails released online

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by NW Spotlight

Gov. Kate Brown released 94,000 Cylvia Hayes emails yesterday. They are available online (see link below) and several newspapers have begun analyzing them and reporting on them (see links below).

The Statesman Journal reported “The emails released Friday are messages between Hayes and the official email accounts for staff members in Kitzhaber’s office. Yet to be released are Hayes’ interactions with officials in other state agencies, as well as emails from her personal accounts that discussed state business.”

The Oregonian reported “The emails include all traffic from three private email accounts used by Hayes and any staffer in the governor’s office. They do not include direct communications with Kitzhaber, who conducted his state business on personal email accounts not yet released.”

KATU describes the emails “From behind-the-scenes power grabs to the governor’s gushing shows of devotion, 94-thousand official emails and attachments released Friday provide the most intimate look yet at the private life, public agenda, and professional ambition of Oregon’s former First Lady.”

The Register-Guard provides this background “The emails, which go back to the start of Kitzhaber’s third term in 2011, were requested by a number of news organizations as an influence-peddling scandal centered on Hayes started to unfold last fall. The records, totaling more than 330,000 pages, show Hayes’ regular and frequent interaction with many members of Kitzhaber’s staff on a slew of topics, including various policy issues, hiring decisions, and Hayes’ responses to media inquiries. Hayes was criticized, initially in an October story in Portland newspaper Willamette Week, for blurring the line between her public role as first lady and her private consulting business. Hayes held at least four contracts worth $213,000 with private firms during Kitzhaber’s third term.”

Reference Links:

State of Oregon link to this set of 94,000 Cylvia Hayes emailsNOTE: The emails are contained in a massive 14GB file called Full Even with very high speed internet, this will take a LONG time to download. Once downloaded, the zip file will take a LONG time just to open and a LONG time to copy out/extract the emails – it also requires a password which is provided in the READ ME BEFORE DOWNLOADING.rtf file that is also on the State of Oregon link.

State of Oregon link to public records already released in response to requests for Governor’s Office documents from the media and the public since October 2014.


OregonianGovernor’s office releases 94,000 Cylvia Hayes emailsNOTE: The Oregonian is posting updates to this article as they process through the huge volume of emails, and the Oregonian has provided a very useful “Cast of characters” for anyone wanting to read through the emails.

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Eugene Register-GuardState releases 94,000 emailsNOTE: The Register-Guard has an option to download all the emails as a 260 MB zipped file – a much smaller option than from the state’s website


Minneapolis Star-Tribune (AP)Oregon releases 94,000 emails from Cylvia Hayes, fiancee of resigned Gov. John Kitzhaber

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